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Development of a compact, long-lasting analog system for storing large volumes of graphical data


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Pleiades Technologies, Act'rmc


The Nanoforme project will create an advanced data protection system that can preserve data for over a thousand years and withstand disasters like floods and fires--while ensuring continued data readability. The challenge will be to develop a reliable etching process for sapphire wafers that can be rolled out on an industrial scale, and to ensure a reliable supply of the 200 mm sapphire wafers compatible with this process. The main technical challenge of this project is to determine how to best format and organize the data and invent new equipment to retrieve data on the wafers without affecting data quality. Nanoforme also has three business goals: - Enable high-tech start-up Arnano to develop its business through "nanoform" manufacturing; - Anchor RSA Le Rubis' leadership position in the supply of large sapphire wafers, and open the door to new markets like LEDs, solar energy, and components; - Help optical engineering firm Pleiades Technologies expand its business through small-series production runs.


The project team will look at ways to etch all types of data onto 200 mm sapphire wafers using a microscopic, analog process. A single 200 mm sapphire wafer less than 1.5 mm thick can store the equivalent of 10,000 sheets of paper! Sapphire etching is a novel way to store data on a robust, unalterable medium for extremely long periods. The project initially targets companies and organizations concerned with long-term data protection.

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24 month

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