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Orange Labs


Sogeti High Tech, Leti

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Sagemcom, Armines, LIG - Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble, STMicroelectronics Crolles, STMicroelectronics Rousset, Delta Dore, Bouygues Telecom


A world of high-tech applications for the home is opening up thanks to the many types of sensors and actuators now available. Potential applications span fields like security, energy efficiency, comfort, home care, health & wellness, and content sharing. Yet despite its enormous potential, the smart home market has yet to take off. It still consists of numerous niche players selling their own proprietary technology. The OpenTheBox project aims to structure the smart home market by transforming technological advancements into business opportunities. The idea is to have smart home device makers and sellers use shared infrastructure run by a telecom operator. The infrastructure will use a limited number of sensor network standards, an embedded software platform with a standard operating environment, and a standard administration process for smart home sensors and actuators.


The project will develop technology that enables application sharing through a smart home gateway comprised of shared sensors, network and equipment administration servers, and application data warehousing and billing programs. Researchers will aim to overcome one of the main technological obstacles to a smart home market by creating an embedded software platform that can openly interface with telecom infrastructure and with the software bricks of several market players. The project partners will work with many smart-home industry organizations--such as Agora Domiciliaire, La Fédération Française des Télécommunications, Ignès, Home Gateway Initiative, OSGi Alliance, Broadband Forum, and ETSI M2M--to lay the foundations for a mutually beneficial and prosperous smart home market.

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