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Pick & place for direct copper bonding



Existing pick-and-place machines for wafer manufacturing aren't suited to the demanding requirements of high-density 3D interconnects. The most common bonding methods, like glue and thermocompression, tend to diminish yields, precision, and reliability. The Proceed project will develop a high-precision pick-and-place machine and a metallic bonding process for bonding chips to wafers. Metallic bonding would be a major strategic advantage, since it would enable the fast chip placement required for large-volume production runs of high-interconnect-density structures, under conditions that do not diminish the structures' electronic performance.


Under Proceed, researchers will design a new type of pick-and-place machine and a metallic bonding process for making 3D chip-to-wafer structures with high interconnect densities. The major innovation will be a high-precision machine that is also clean--typically such machines are not required to meet particle contamination specifications--so that it can be used in direct bonding processes. The project team will develop and integrate a metallic bonding process so chips can be connected directly to wafers, for functional structures with high alignment precision.

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4,642 K€


24 month

Human resources allocated

21.85 men/year