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novel, SATellite application, IC and module PACKaging

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The Satpack project will develop a breakthrough type of large hermetic package for space applications. The packages will use innovative, low-density composite materials and high-performance thermal conductors. They will also boast a completely new architecture, designed to: - Cut costs by employing a cheaper alternative to the eutectic AuSn compound currently used in package assembly--and which requires a gold coating of at least 2.5 µm on all package components; - Allow for higher-frequency bandwidth (up to 65 GHz) by using high- or low-temperature cofired ceramic inserts or cross-ties.


Under the Satpack project, researchers will develop a new type of hermetic package using composite materials and revolutionary assembly technology. Project innovations will include: - Carbon-copper or aluminum fiber composites that are light, good thermal conductors, and can be made in 2.5 mm ? or 3 mm ? ; - New composite surface treatment processes that will enable manufacturers to assemble the packages and seal connections directly (especially for high-frequency connections); - Copper-diamond composites with very high thermal conductivity (> 400 W/m*K) for making high-power dissipaters; - A novel package assembly process using direct metal-metal bonding or silver sintering.

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36 month

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19.3 men/year