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SWIFTS 400-1000: New High-Resolution Spectrometers


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Teledyne e2v, Teem Photonics

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UTT - Université de Technologie de Troyes, LTM - Laboratoire des technologies de la Microélectronique, IPAG - Institut de Planétologie et d?Astrophysique de Grenoble


The SWIFTS project will use stationary-wave integrated Fourier-transform spectrometry (SWIFTS) technology to develop high-resolution miniature spectrometers for wavelengths of 400-1000 nm. These spectrometers will be designed to meet the need for high-performance, compact, and easy-touse measuring devices. After the technology is proven through prototypes, the spectrometers will be manufactured on a commercial scale with the first products expected to reach the market in 2012. The spectrometers will initially target the scientific instrumentation, spatial, and LIBS markets, highlighting the product's potential on growing markets. The project partners hope to be able to make this a sustainable business after three years and create 40-150 new jobs in the Grenoble area.


SWIFTS is a patented technology developed by French universities. It can lead to a new family of unparalleled micro-spectrometers, and opens the door to breakthrough applications by drawing on one of the strengths of Grenoble area scientists: nanotechnology. SWIFTS couples photosensitive elements with a stationary wave obtained from a reflection off of a mirror placed at the end of a waveguide. It can analyze a light spectrum statically, in a parallel and optimal manner with minimal instrument volume, and cover a large wavelength band without any moving parts.

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3,302 K€


36 month

Human resources allocated

31 men/year