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FUI 12

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Pfeiffer Vacuum, Leti


Substrate surface structuring is one of the key factors determining LED conversion rates, with the potential to increase conversion efficiency by anywhere from 30% to 35%. Today's LED market is dominated by Asian manufacturers; France produces neither LEDs nor the sapphire used in them. However, the French companies in the TextuLED2 project have or will penetrate the LED market as equipment suppliers (in the case of Corial), substrate suppliers (in the case of RSA Le Rubis), and vacuum assembly suppliers (in the case of Adixen). These companies will team up with CEA-Leti under the project to develop and enhance the structured-substrate technology bricks needed for next-generation (high-brilliance) LEDs.


The project researchers will: * Develop sapphire substrates of up to 150 mm for LED applications, as well as an entire chain to create substrates meeting precise specifications for flatness and roughness; * Enhance the performance of etching equipment, equipment subassemblies, and etching-waste treatment (pumping); * Characterize different surface structures to measure the efficiency of various options being considered.

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3,341 K€


30 month

Human resources allocated

17 men/year