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Product description

LedBox is a new lighting system offering centralized power and control modules to operate solid-state (LED and OLED) and traditional lighting at room-level. The unit is intended for use with a complete lighting system (lighting, sensors, and actuators) with the goal of improving both energy efficiency and occupant convenience and comfort.

One LedBox is installed in each room, where it converts a single 230V AC input into nine very-low-voltage DC outputs that directly feed the room's light fixtures.

The unit adapts to the needs of the light fixtures in terms of polarity, power supply (voltage, current), and energy level, and can be configured for different lighting scenarios (dimmer, colors).

LedBox can also communicate with a supervision system (several LedBox units can be connected to the same supervision system). The overall system can be configured either centrally by the supervision system, or locally via a suitable human-machine interface (by an installer or user).

LedBox is designed to ensure optimal energy efficiency and room lighting at all times. It addresses all markets potentially interested in the occupant comfort and energy efficiency offered by LED lighting.

Pilot projects are currently in progress at hotels, restaurants, and other commercial buildings.

Product history

LedBox was developed under the DELight project (backed by the French Single Interministerial Fund). Schneider Electric, which had previously completed proof-of-concept testing on the LedBox, served as the project lead for the 12-partner consortium.

LED lighting offers vast potential for widespread adoption in the short term. LED lighting is currently the only solution that can offer end users excellent energy efficiency and comfort.

LED technology is expected to reach maturity within the next ten years and will gradually replace traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Regulations prohibiting the use of energy-hungry light bulbs will be a key growth driver on this market.

However, one roadblock to the widespread adoption of solid-state lighting systems (which are, by nature, non-standard) is the fact that their control systems must be configured by a professional.

LedBox was designed to overcome this hurdle by offering rich human-machine interfaces suitable for both installers and end users. Easy to install and pleasant to use, the LedBox is both a self-contained product and an enabler that innovative solid-state lighting and lighting systems providers can leverage to drive growth.

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R&D project behind the product


Time to market

4 years


1.5 million euros

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