A global citizen joins Minalogic’s coordination team

A global citizen joins Minalogic’s coordination team


Bastien joined Minalogic on January 13, 2020 to support the cluster’s European project activities| M : +33 (0)6 21 96 71 83


Bastien Hualpa recently joined Minalogic’s Europe team, where his role will be to strengthen the cluster’s position in the European arena.



In his new role on Minalogic’s Europe team, Bastien will use his business know-how and his knowledge of Europe’s regions and practices.



After earning a degree in European Affairs and PMP® Project Management, Bastien embarked on an eclectic career path that has taken him behind the scenes of France’s economy (with experiences at a government agency, cluster, and chamber of commerce), and on to Europe (consulting firm, EU association of chambers of commerce).


He has gone to school or worked in six different countries, half in Latin America, and half in Europe, with stays in France, Spain, and Belgium. Bastien brings in-depth knowledge of how EU policies are implemented, which will help him to effectively position the cluster in Europe for the benefit of its members


« Minalogic’s offer really appealed to me. I am excited about projects related to the digital transformation of businesses,” said Bastien. “I am hoping that my skills will be useful in supporting the digital transformation of our members’ business »


Bastien will be handling Minalogic’s European project activities for all projects that concern the digital transformation of SMEs and digital transformation processes. This focus reflects the strategic nature of digital technology in ensuring that businesses can stay competitive and grow, both nationally and on international markets.

« My objectives align with Minalogic’s mission of uniting all of the stakeholders in a digital ecosystem that includes government agencies, research organizations, universities, and the private sector around a shared vision capable of meeting the needs of all and of consolidating the digital technology value chain. »


Three projects are particularly relevant : Two (Digifed and Smartees2) are cascade funding projects; and one (Smart Energy) is an energy project.


Learn more about these three projects




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