A Recap of IoT Solutions World Congress 2023

A Recap of IoT Solutions World Congress 2023

At this year’s IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC), 15,600 attendees, 330 exhibitors, and 250 speakers from over 100 countries gathered together for 3 days.

IOTSWC was co-located with Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) and Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress—logical, since cybersecurity is vitally important to protecting data collected by sensors, a frequent target of external threats.

As was the case last year, Minalogic, and therefore the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, was the largest delegation at the France Pavilion, accounting for 10 of the Pavilion’s 25 companies.


IOTSWC lasted 3 days and featured numerous exciting events.

The expo was officially opened by Spain’s King Felipe VI, who graced us with his presence. It was an event fit for a king. 😉

On the first day, members met with potential business partners. Businesses requested introductions through our matchmaking app, and partners were also identified through prospecting done by Business France and its local office.

Given our common interests, especially at the European level (#EDIH), we arranged a visit by the Walloon delegation in partnership with INFOPOLE Cluster TIC. The delegation included

📍 Pôle MecaTech,

📍 Sirris,

📍 Multitel,

📍 Equans Digital,

📍 CRMGroup,

📍 Aeonics,


📍 CETIC Belgium,

📍 Agence du Numérique

📍 Agence Wallonne à l'Exportation et aux investissements.

Informal discussions continued during the Cocktail & Networking event at the day’s end. We’re grateful to our partners, Secured Communicating Solutions Cluster (SCS) and Systematic Paris-Region, for their participation.


The second day began with a SecurIT Innosup breakfast info session organized by SCS to introduce SecurIT’s open call for projects—an excellent opportunity for at least one of our members, Optimiz Network, who will mostly likely throw their hat in the ring.

Thanks to Business France, we were visited at the France Pavilion by Olivier Ramadour, Consul General of Barcelona, and Richard Gomes, the director of Business France Spain. After a brief tour of the Pavilion, they kicked off a second cocktail and networking event. In their speech, they mentioned the numerous connections and opportunities between France and Spain, illustrated most clearly by the latest Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation signed by president Emmanuel Macron and Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s president, just days earlier, on January 19, in Barcelona.

✈ A contest organized by Business France and Air France was held before the festivities began. Congratulations to Adeunis, a Minalogic member who won a €2,000 gift card!


The expo also offered a snapshot of a constantly changing industry. Here are some of the latest trends and evolutions:

  • Industry 4.0 is well behind us. By now, we’re on to Industry 5.0, which is built on three main pillars: sustainability, people-centeredness, and adaptability (or security.)
  • IoT is one of the core technologies of Industry 5.0.
  • IoT is an entry point for external threats. Protecting smart equipment is essential. Cybersecurity solutions are of primary concern.
  • Cybersecurity and the digital transformation.
  • Digital technologies are integral to industrial settings.
  • IoT innovations are more sustainable these days. They are made of new materials that are part of a circular economy, consume less energy, and are more automated.
  • Micro- and nanotechnologies play a significant role in the innovation of new sensors.
  • Digital twin technology and AI are both central to Industry 5.0. In addition, its predictive abilities will help reduce carbon emissions.
  • Overlaying the metaverse onto digital twins for industrial purposes is still an underutilized strategy.

We also attended a session by two of our members, Pierrick Autret, Product Marketing Manager at STMicroelectronics, and Pierrick Loubier, Head of Innovation & Common Technology at Pfeiffer Vacuum. They spoke on the use of machine learning for maintenance strategies.


The expo was an eventful time for both Minalogic and our members. See you again next year ! 😉


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