Europe: Scaling up with more determination than ever

Europe: Scaling up with more determination than ever

Recent successes validate Minalogic’s European development strategy

Minalogic’s Phase IV development roadmap, finalized last year, included a particularly strong commitment to the cluster’s European development. A year later, Minalogic’s European strategy has been validated by several successes.

Since last year, the cluster has ramped up its partnership-building efforts to create even more opportunities for Minalogic and its members to engage in collaborative projects.  These efforts have paid off, with Minalogic bringing home four European projects in the past several months alone.

These projects will raise the cluster’s profile and consolidate its (and its members’) reputation as leaders in the European digital technology space. “The entire team is excited to see these projects get started. It is our hope that they will result in direct benefits like vouchers and BtoB events, and indirect benefits in the form of leads, targeted introductions, opportunities to join project consortia, contracts, and more,” said Minalogic’s Laure Quintin, who coordinates European project-related activities at the cluster.

Minalogic has joined forces with other European partners that include universities, research organizations, clusters, and technology parks to respond to a number of European Commission calls for proposals. The purpose of these efforts is to bring a European dimension to the cluster’s three categories of member services:

  • Innovation, with projects that come with financing and support for tech transfer (CPS and printed electronics), development, and testing of solutions on their target markets.
  • Growth, with BtoB events and an immersion program that takes members to European organizations of interest.
  • Networking, with an expanding range of partners and topics (energy, new space, etc.).

These initiatives must also position Minalogic to work with the major stakeholders in Europe’s Digital Innovation Hubs to inform the development of MinaSmart’s strategy and organization moving forward.


4 new European projects in 2019


Objective : The Project will provide significant support mechanisms for individual and groups of SMEs with different level of digital maturity to foster the introduction of digital technologies (Cyber physical and embedded systems) in their product and service offerings. The project aims to engage at least 200 SMEs and midcaps from all across Europe in its innovation programme. At least 80 of these will receive also funding support and benefits from one of DigiFed’s innovation pathways- half of these will be businesses with low digital maturity

Minalogic’s role in the project  : guarantee our members a better access to the DIGIFED offer and support and collaborate with other Digital Innovation Hubs on transnational cooperation.

Project start : January 1st 2020

Duration : 3 years

Budget : 7,9 Millions€ incl. 3,8M€ dedicated to SME support

Partnership :11 European partners incl. RTO: CEA LETI and IKERLAN; Universities: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, University of Lubljana; Large groups: ST Microelectronics and AVL; Clusters: Minalogic and DIGITAL CATAPULT; Enterprises: Zabala, Steinbeis and Blumorpho.



Objective : The project will offer 1-Stop-Shop to promote a collaborative environment and provide wider access to the technology at same time as coordinating the bespoke services and efficiently and effectively linking them together. 47 Application Experiments will be conducted to explore the transfer of technologies into business, organization of cooperation, access to finance, services to be provided and act as showcases to raise awareness and activate potential users. In addition, Smartees2 will establish a sustainable ecosystem beyond the Project. This will include the formulation of a comprehensive business plan as a strategic outcome.

Minalogic’s role in the project : Bring in Minalogic’s DIH experience and strategic vision elaborated with MinaSmart to develop a sustainable and operational business model dedicated to the SME support.

Project start : January 1st 2020

Duration : 3 years

Budget : 7,9 Millions€ incl. 50% dedicated to SME support

Partnership : 14 European partners incl. RTO and innovation centers: CEA, TNO, CPI, VTT, EURECAT, Fraunhofer, IMEC, CENTI; clusters and industry associations: Minalogic, DSP Valley, Organic Electronics Saxony, EBN and companies: AMIRES and Blumorpho



Objective : the UFO project aims at fostering the development of cross-sectoral industrial value chains between 6 emerging industries (Mobility technologies, Environmental, Blue Growth, Digital, Experience and Cultural and Creative industries), Small Flying Objects, embedded KETs and data analysis and exploitation solutions stimulating the development of new products and services by SMEs. The project will offer various support and services through the cluster partners i.e. Open innovation, B2B meetings, cascade funding for R&D, prototyping and testing.

Project start  : April1st 2020

Duration : 30 months

Budget : 4,35 Millions€ incl. 3M€ dedicated to SME support

Partnership : 8 European clusters : Aerospace Valley, Minalogic, ClujIT, Corallia, Finance Innovation, Marine South East, KTN,  ICT CLUSTER Bulgaria



Objective : the SmartEnergy project is a collaboration of European Clusters including 5 leading energy clusters (among them TENERRDIS Energy cluster in Auvergne Rhône Alpes) and Minalogic as major cluster for digital technologies. The project will offer a range of activities: a detailed benchmark of the services offered, several collaborative capacity building and Peer to Peer activities for cluster managers and testing and implementation activities aimed at providing these services in the most effective manner through the new “ClusterXChange” pilot scheme. Activities will mainly target SMEs (members of the clusters and of other clusters being part of their network), european cluster management staff, regional authorities involved in S3 implementation in the respective regions and the innovation actors being part of their ecosystem for innovation.

Project start  : February 1st 2020

Duration : 2 years

Budget : 431 387 €

Partnership : 6 European clusters: Environment Park Torino, Tenerrdis, Archenberg Hunagry, Flux50, Minalogic, Cluster Tweed.

3 European projects in progress


Objectives: KET4DUAL-USE project gathers 4 European clusters: two France-based high-tech clusters, Minalogic and Optitec, and two international security and defense organizations (CenSek in Denmark and the Estonian Defence Industry Association). Principal objective of the consortium is to act as a “springboard” for European dual-use companies wishing to integrate global value chains and facilitate the development of sustainable long-term partnerships.

The project carries out activities such as selecting the most promising dual-use market segments for KETs cross-fertilization, identifying promising non-EU country to connect with and forming a sustainable partnership that will later on propose business missions to the USA, Canada, Singapore or the Emirates.



Objectives : enable the deployment and operation at large scale of Active & Healthy Ageing IoT based solutions and services and build the first European IoT ecosystem across 9 Deployment Sites in seven European countries. The Isère Department is one of these sites. The project will tackle folloying issues : technical interoperability, trustworthiness, privacy, data protection and security as well as user-demand.

Minalogic’s role in the project : Minalogic supports CEA in the Isère activities in communication, dissemination towards innovative companies to foster collaboration.



Objectives : The overall ambition of the FED4SAE project is to boost and sustain the digitization of the European industry by strengthening competitiveness in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and embedded system markets. Thanks to cascade funds, the project offers both tech and non-tech innovative European SME and mid-caps from any sector access to expertise, competences, test-beds to build new products and services with “digital inside”. In addition, FED4SAE provides technical, industrial and innovation management expertise as well as connexion to investors.

Minalogic’s role in the project  : Minalogic supports CEA in the exploitation of the SME projects results. Our role is also to widely disseminate the FED4SAE financial support and expertise to the regional innovation ecosystem.


Your Minalogic contacts in Europe:

Laure Quintin | Head of European Projects | M : +33 (0)6 04 91 17 99

Bastien Hualpa | European Projects | M : +33 (0)6 21 96 71 83

Pierre-Damien Berger| Director MinaSmart Digital Innovation Hub | M : +33 (0)6 84 20 86 67


Want to know more? Contact:

Laure Quintin
Laure Quintin
Head of European Projects
+33 (0)6 04 91 17 99
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