Kreaxi and Minalogic form groundbreaking partnership

Kreaxi and Minalogic form groundbreaking partnership

Bootstrapping and equity financing for FoF (Factory of the Future) startups

Kreaxi, a private equity firm* that invests in innovative tech startups, recently unveiled its plans to launch a new bootstrapping fund for ventures in the Factory of the Future (Industry 4.0/Smart Industry) market in partnership with digital technology cluster Minalogic.


Manufacturing and digital technology

The Factory of the Future market is driven by a wide range of technologies that will ultimately power tomorrow’s modern and flexible manufacturing plants. This new breed of plant will be home to extremely agile and adaptable production tools capable of things like mass customization.

Digital technology is, of course, one of the key success factors for any startup addressing the Factory of the Future market, which is why Kreaxi naturally turned to Minalogic, the digital technology cluster for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, to help identify and select FoF ventures to support. Minalogic will certify potential ventures’ technologies and business plans before they are considered by Kreaxi

Financing and technology come together to bring manufacturing into the future

Minalogic covers all digital technologies for a virtually unlimited range of use cases on all major markets. The cluster supports its members’ innovation and growth strategies at the center of a unique network of diverse stakeholders that include businesses, universities, government agencies, investors, and consultants. Minalogic’s mission is to leverage innovation to drive the growth of the digital technology ecosystem.

Kreaxi is a private equity firm that has been investing in innovative high-tech startups in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region for more than three decades. With more than €500 million invested in 550 ventures, Kreaxi has €150 million under management and holds stakes in 60 companies. The firm has completed 21 IPOs and created more than 4,000 direct jobs.

“There are some great opportunities for startups on the Factory of the Future market. However, it can take several years to scale up this kind of industrial technology. And factories do not implement full-on 4.0 production tools overnight. This kind of capital-intensive development requires specific investment vehicles. This groundbreaking partnership between our firm and the Minalogic cluster will raise the bar in terms of the technological capabilities of the ventures Kreaxi supports,” said Sébastien Touvron, CEO, Kreaxi.

“Kreaxi has agreed to review all ventures certified by Minalogic, which means that our members will benefit directly from this new partnership with facilitated access to bootstrapping funds and equity financing,” said Jean-Eric Michallet, CEO, Minalogic.

*Kreaxi is authorized to provide financial services by the AMF (France’s financial market authority)


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