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Adobis Group designed and developed the DataChain® range: "A Sovereign and Agile solution to exploit data as closely as possible to business needs and have a transversal view of its Data assets"

ln a digital landscape where data has become a most valuable asset, DataChain® stands out as a sovereign, agile and secure platform, giving users back control of their Data. With an innovative approach, DataChain® brings together the principles of no-code, low-code, business-oriented code, to allow everyone, from the "simple" user, to the data scientist, data analyst, to create and industrialize uses as quickly than simply.

DataChain® combines the power of data virtualization with the ease of rapid implementation. DataChain® helps transform raw data into valuable insights, without compromising security or sovereignty. Thanks to a cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment, the implementation is carried out on the environment that best suits the company, and offers a return on investment from the first days of use.

With DataChain®, the creation and industrialization of uses becomes agile and efficient. This secure platform provides an environment conducive to innovation, where ideas are quickly transformed into tangible results. Whether the user is an experienced data expert or a novice in the field, DataChain® supports them at every stage of their Data journey, allowing them to unlock the full potential of data, with confidence and efficiency, from simple analysis to the most complex, Data science included.

Opting for DataChain® unlocks new opportunities for businesses, simply responding to Data/Al needs whatever the level of complexity.

Type of Organization SME
Year founded 2014

AI, Software


Healthcare, Industrie du futur

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