BeFC produces biofuel cells as a sustainable energy solution dedicated to low-power electronics. In one sentence, we create electricity with papers & enzymes! 

There is a growing trend towards portable and wearable electronics for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. However, these products are typically powered by miniature batteries which are inherently complex, uneconomical, and unecological to recycle. Often containing toxic or hazardous materials, these batteries typically end up in landfill or are incinerated, presenting an adverse environmental impact to our planet.  

BeFC tackles this problem by providing a sustainable and eco-friendly energy solution. Our biofuel cells use enzymes to convert glucose and oxygen into electricity, offering a, technology which is completely metal- & plastic-free.  

Our ultra-thin and flexible solution not only offers a replacement for batteries in existing low-power applications, but also creates new opportunities for innovative solutions in wearable health monitoring, single-use medical diagnostics, logistics and IoT.  

To meet this growing demand, BeFC design and produce dedicated ultra-low power sensor platform optimised to our power source and tailored to your application. This platform also offers the possibility to be reused depending on the targeted application. Our ultra-low power digital platform provides quasi-continuous background monitoring of a range of inputs (temperature, humidity, shock, tilt, light, pH, mechanical deformation), with an MCU and AI core, on-board memory, as well as a range of wireless data transmission protocols (NFC, UHF RFID, BLE and Sigfox) for data recovery.

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Aerospace & Defense, Energy & Building, Farming & Food industry, Healthcare, Industry 4.0, Media & Entertainment, Mobility & Transport, Retail & Distribution

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