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DRACULA Technologies

DRACULA Technologies

Type of Organization SME
Year founded 2011


Dracula technologies uses the source of renwable energy and integrates electronics in many mobile products of everyday life . Their aim is to put energy and light in new products without altering their primary function, making this devices energetically autonomous.

Dracula technologies has developped printed flexible solar cells that perfectly with the design of each product. Once this solar cells are fitted on each product, they allow them to produce power enough to recharge small devices, like phones, GPS, lamps, etc.

Dracula technologies proposes the following value to its clients : "endow your products - whatever their shapes, sizes, and materials - with solar power". This proposition is substantiated in an other to produce, based on the client's own materials organic and/or electroluminescent photovoltaic modules able to provide the clients products with light and energy autonomy solutions while at the same time maintainging their initial functions.
Organic Photovoltaic through digital printing will and an echo with clients for whom the following criteria are decisive slight thickness, lightness, suppleness/flexibilty, transparency capacity to take very various shapes and indoor and outdoor portability

Type of Organization SME
Adress 3 Rue Georges Auric
Year founded 2011
Themes Micro/nano/electronic, Photonic
Contact CRUCHON Brice
Minalogic member since 28/02/2014
Markets City & Buildings, Consumer goods, Energy & Environment, Industry 4.0, Mobility & Transport
Twitter @draculatech
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