MARYLINK is an Augmented Collective Intelligence platform.

- Includes GPT
- Turnkey
- Flexible

MARYLINK includes a wide range of tools to facilitate collaboration and innovation. But a key aspect of this platform is access to your own version of GPT, OpenAI's advanced language model.

This secure version of GPT can be specially tailored to meet the needs of your organization. It is designed to interact in your specific context, enabling closer and more relevant integration with your day-to-day operations.

This approach gives you access to a sophisticated artificial intelligence tool operating in collective mode. And at the same time, the peace of mind that your information and discussions remain secure and private.

Our solution is structured around a core solution, also known as MARYLINK Core, which provides a robust, reliable and powerful foundation. This can be complemented by various optional modules and services to customize and extend capabilities according to your organization's specific needs.

For whom?

The innovation hubs of large companies
The clusters and innovation centers
The research centers
The schools and universities
The professionals and their communities
The SMEs
The startups
The local authorities

Type of Organization SME
Year founded 2015

AI, Software

Minalogic member since 27/06/2023
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MARY Herve

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