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Aledia Announces Breakthrough Advances in microLED Technology

Aledia sets new industry benchmarks in microLED technology with world records in energy efficiency, transformative AR experiences, and unparalleled color fidelity.

Aledia, a leader in nanowire and silicon-based microLED technology for next-generation displays, is thrilled to announce a series of technological breakthroughs that set new standards for performance, efficiency, and display quality.

World Record in the energy efficiency and sustainability

Aledia has set a new global benchmark for small-sized microLEDs (<1,5µm), achieving an External Quantum Efficiency (EQE) of over 32%, which leads to a Wall Plug Efficiency (WPE) of 320 milliwatts of visible light output per watt of electrical power input. A high EQE means a larger portion of electricity is converted into visible light, reducing energy consumption and extending device battery life. Similarly, superior WPE illustrates Aledia's MicroLEDs' ability to provide bright, vivid displays while consuming significantly less power, establishing a new paradigm for eco-friendly display technologies that do not compromise on performance.

Transforming Augmented Reality Experiences with Enhanced Image Quality

Moreover, the deeptech is revolutionizing augmented reality (AR) experiences through its groundbreaking advancements in native Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) directionality and pixel size reduction. By successfully reducing pixel sizes to an unprecedented 2 micrometers, Aledia significantly enhances the resolution and compactness of MicroLED displays. This advancement is crucial for AR devices, where space and image clarity are paramount. Innovations in native RGB directionality ensure that each color channel precisely aligns, producing sharper, more vibrant images that elevate the AR experience to new heights.

Setting New Standards in Color Fidelity

Last but not least, Aledia has achieved a remarkable milestone by reaching a 99% Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) P3 color gamut. The DCI P3 color space is known for its wider spectrum compared to traditional RGB, enabling a broader range of colors that bring more depth and realism to digital displays. This significant advancement in color fidelity for microLED technology enhances Aledia's capability to deliver unparalleled image quality, ensuring vibrant and lifelike visuals across a variety of applications, from cutting-edge consumer electronics to professional display solutions.

Philippe Gilet, Chief Technology Officer at Aledia, states: "Through these achievements, we are proud to reiterate Aledia's commitment to innovation and its leadership role in developing more sustainable, efficient, and high-quality display solutions. These technological advances have the potential to profoundly impact various markets and pave the way for new applications and user experiences."

"As Aledia forges ahead, we're not just advancing microLED technology, we're crafting the very fabric of the future's visual experiences. This series of breakthroughs is a testament to our pioneering spirit and a clear indicator of our path forward. With these developments, we reaffirm our vision to not only lead but transform the industry, creating display solutions that blend seamlessly with our lives and our planet." concludes Pierre Laboisse, CEO of Aledia.

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