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ALPAO confirms its position as world leader in adaptive optics with a major industrial order for microscopy

ALPAO, world leader in Adaptive Optics, has signed a contract to supply a US customer with more than a dozen deformable mirrors, which will then be integrated into specific optical microscopy systems. Specifically, ALPAO's deformable mirrors, designed and manufactured in Grenoble (France), will correct optical aberrations and thus improve the resolution of microscopy platform images for biological research.

One of the main challenges in this type of system is to rapidly obtain an image with optimum resolution and contrast. These high-definition images make it possible to observe smaller structures or even invisible objects with standard microscopy techniques.
ALPAO mirrors have been selected for their cutting-edge performance, including the amplitude of deformation of its membrane which is decisive in obtaining these results. What's more, the mirrors are equipped with a trigger to synchronize mirror movements with an external source.

"Fluorescence microscopy is an innovative technique for observing various objects, substances or organism samples in the field of research and biology. Involved since our creation in supporting research with our products, we are delighted to have signed today this contract. Our deformable mirrors will provide the highest level of performances and optical quality required to obtain high-precision images. said Piero BRUNO, ALPAO's Sales and Marketing Director. This major industrial order in the U.S. confirms our leading position and the quality of our products in the very demanding adaptive optics sector.”

Professor Eric BETZIG, renowned for his work on microscopy and co-winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, has stated in the past that "adaptive optics is the future of microscopy". This order marks a major step towards the development of industrial markets in this field.

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