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Corial SAS becomes Plasma-Therm Europe

Besides this name change, the missions for the local entity are multiple:

  • We become the European Headquarter for Plasma-Therm and manage the Sales and Service support for all EMEA customers for all products and solutions (Cluster for volume production and standalone for R&D markets)
  • We are also implementing a "Tech Support" function which will serve as the entry point for our EMEA customers to get access to our support teams in the same time zone.
  • In parallel, our technical team becomes responsible for all the products and solutions related to standalone systems and dedicated to University and Research Centers in the world (Roadmap, Concept, Design and Application Development)
  • The facility continues to manufacture the CORIAL product line, which from now on will include under the same Logo, all Standalone products of the Plasma-Therm family.
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