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Diabeloop and EOFlow partner to offer a Wearable AID with a Smartphone App

EOFlow a provider of wearable drug delivery systems, and Diabeloop, leader in diabetes automated treatment solutions, announced their partnership today. The agreements aim to provide patients with convenient access to EOFlow’s EOPatch system combined with automated insulin delivery. Co-developing a dedicated smartphone app that controls the AID system – European market should be first to launch – Expanding product lineups and business

EOFlow and Diabeloop announced that they have partnered to bring an AID system, connecting  EOFlow’s wearable insulin pump EOPatch, a third-party continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device and Diabeloop’s automated insulin delivery (AID) algorithm integrated in the Diabeloop’s smartphone app, currently in development. The Companies also plan to integrate EOPatch insulin pump into the DBLG1 System of Diabeloop, integrating the algorithm in a dedicated handset. 

According to the Companies, the AID is developed by incorporating the algorithm ‘DBLG1’, the wearable insulin pump ‘EOPatch’ and a third-party CGM, which all have already received CE markings, and could be proposed to patients soon after the development has been completed. Commercial launch in Europe is therefore expected from the end of 2023.

Diabeloop, following its interoperable strategy, is currently collaborating or in discussion with several device manufacturers and is developing its smartphone app. Partnering with EOFlow, which has a disposable, tubeless insulin pump solution and experience with app controlling would feed a great need of patients for performing wearable solutions.  

EOFlow officially launched its tubeless, wearable, and disposable insulin pump ‘EOPatch’ in Korea and in Europe (by its European partner, A. Menarini Diagnostics with its GlucoMen Day brand) with its smartphone application ‘Narsha’ registered on Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. Narsha is the first app in the world for smartphones that allows users to monitor and control the wearable insulin pump. With the convenience and discretion it offers, Narsha is attracting a lot of new and potential pump users in Europe. 

“In the field of automated insulin delivery, the adaptability and scalability of our wearable insulin pump is limitless, and we are working toward placing ourselves in a leadership position,” says Mr. Jesse J. Kim, EOFlow’s founder and CEO.While we continue to commercialize EOPatch X, our artificial pancreas solution, we’re excited to kick off this partnership with Diabeloop and bring wearable AID option to users sooner. We are also eager to make the smartphone app available in the European market.”

“It is an honor to partner with EOFlow, and combine our state-of-the art automated insulin delivery algorithm with their innovative wearable insulin pump solution. Diabeloop and EOFlow share the same goal to offer choices to people living with diabetes by providing advanced and user-friendly solutions. We confirmed the technical feasibility of our integration through a Hackathon last summer, and we are expanding this as an official development agreement to commercialize a combined solution,” says Erik Huneker, co-founder and CEO of Diabeloop.

About Diabeloop

Diabeloop’s mission: Making innovation accessible to people living with diabetes, improving clinical results while relieving them of their constant mental burden.

Created in 2015, Diabeloop offers AI-based, personalized solutions to improve clinical outcomes for people with diabetes while relieving them of their constant mental burden. DBLG1 System, Diabeloop’s first medical device for automated insulin delivery (AID) and DBL-hu, its solution for highly unstable Type 1 diabetes management, are both CE-marked and being deployed in Europe.

Diabeloop completed its Series C financing round in June 2022, securing 70 million euros, to accelerate its commercial roll-out, support its sustained growth strategy and its high-impact projects.

Today, Diabeloop gathers the personality, passion, and skills of talented individuals who work hard to improve the quality of life for every person living with diabetes.

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