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Dolphin Design chooses DEFACTO’s SoC Compiler 9.0: a turnkey methodology to reduce project costs and increase team efficiency

Front end SoC Integration by handling jointly RTL and UPF is a major design step for our engineers.”, said Alexandre Charvier, Processing IPs & ASIC Digital Design Manager at DOLPHIN DESIGN. “The adoption of SoC Compiler has been an important milestone for us to improve productivity and reduce engineering cost. The DEFACTO based methodology of handling jointly RTL and other design collaterals such as UPF is a key for us. This also significantly lowers the verification process by reducing the iteration time between middle-end and back-end activities. With DEFACTO’s Soc Compiler 9.0 we have already seen an acceleration of the exchange between all parties of the project.

DOLPHIN DESIGN is not only a customer but a DEFACTO partner. We are very happy to notice the significant benefits DOLPHIN DESIGN is getting from our SoC Front end design solution” said Chouki Aktouf Founder & CEO of DEFACTO Technologies. Mr. Aktouf added: “As confirmed with other customers, we are confident that such benefits will even be higher for larger designs and when other collaterals will be considered in the future”.

Alexandre Charvier added: “This partnership offers significant advantages for both companies. For DOLPHIN DESIGN, it is a turnkey solution. With the DEFACTO SoC Compiler 9.0, we improve our methodology on all segments of both RTL and UPF projects. As an early access partner, we are also proud to propose new features to enhance the DEFACTO SoC Compiler 9.0.

From a project management standpoint, this solution enables the concurrent execution of Front-End and Middle-End activities with a significant gain for an ASIC SoC project in term of schedule, leading to reduce the delay to deliver the final product to our customers.

Meet us at these upcoming events in 2022

DOLPHIN DESIGN has exhibited in January at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, NV. During this major tech event, we have shared our expertise on how to solve the IoT quandary, with a focus on energy efficiency and performances. In 2022, you can meet our experts and teams around our processing and Edge computing solutions for your project at Tiny ML Summit in late March, Embedded Vision Summit in May and Embedded World in June.

DEFACTO Technologies has exhibited at DAC (Design Automation Conference) last December and will be also exhibiting at the next DAC this July in San Francisco CA. We will be announcing our new major release: “SoC Compiler 10.0”. Our experts will be present at our booth and ready to exchange and to provide live presentations of SoC Compiler 10.0. The latest features will be presented in conjunction with customer success stories, including DOLPHIN DESIGN and others.

About Dolphin Design

DOLPHIN DESIGN, a subsidiary of Soitec, is an innovative and fast-growing semiconductor company.

It employs more than 180 people, including 140 engineers who design the key functions of an integrated circuit – called “IP blocks or platforms” – or even the complete integrated circuit – called ASIC or System-on-Chip (SoC). Our company has unique know-how in optimizing energy efficiency, which earned us the honor of being one of the 1000 companies worldwide to receive the Solar Impulse label.

Alongside our customers, which today number more than 600 companies, we focus on long-term, human and ingenious collaborations that enable billions of people to use energy-efficient electronic equipment’s or devices every day. Whether our customers are targeting consumer electronics markets, including IoT, multimedia, AI and 5G, or automotive and aerospace markets, we help them unleash their creativity to make their products more competitive while being more responsible with their energy consumption.

Our mantra to our customers is simple: “Tell us your biggest dream. Dare the impossible. We make it happen”.

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About DEFACTO Technologies

DEFACTO Technologies is an innovative chip design software company providing since almost 20 years breakthrough Design solutions to enhance Front-end SoC integration, verification and Signoff by covering RTL, UPF, SDC, IP-XACT & LEF/DEF design formats with rich APIs in Tcl, Python and C++. DEFACTO SoC Compiler is a silicon proven EDA solution which is helping major semiconductor companies to add automation to their design flows mainly at RTL and enhance integration, verification and Signoff of IP cores and System on Chips.

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Phone : +33 4 85 88 11 00


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