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Dolphin Design expands GoAsic partnership to enhance the semiconductor Industry’s Supply Chain

Dolphin Design’s GO ASIC program addresses a critical concern in the semiconductor sector: ensuring timely product delivery. Most fabless firms face challenges in accessing a secure supply chain. Through the GoASIC! program, companies gain access to a robust supply chain from a mainstream foundry, whether the ASIC targets Consumer, Medical, Industrial, or Automotive applications. Expanding the program with imec will bring unique expertise in IP, architecture, packaging and supply chain optimization to expedite the product-to-market journey for embedded SoC devices.

How does this collaboration enhance the industrial process?

Dolphin Design brings its superior ASIC design knowhow, while imec contributes foundry and packaging services. The GoASIC! Initiative grants access to Dolphin Design’s offering, which includes ultra-low power management IPs, 24-bit Audio ADC and DAC solutions, as well as a Computer Vision NPU and MCU Sub-system platform, all aimed at accelerating custom ASIC design for consumer and high-reliability applications.

Philippe Berger, CEO of Dolphin Design, remarks, “We’re thrilled to welcome imec into our GoASIC! program. The initiative provides system creators access to a consortium of semiconductor specialists, promoting custom-integrated circuits optimized for features, performance, and security. Our goal is to reduce time-to-market and ensure a robust supply chain, optimizing both product form factor and BoM cost structure.

Wouter de Groot, Senior Business Developer at imec, adds, “Dolphin Design has been a trustful and reliable design partner to us. Their various IP platforms are market comprehensive, solution driven and a real asset towards customers, paving the way to more joint success in the GoASIC! program.

About Dolphin Design |

Dolphin Design, a Soitec subsidiary, is a leading provider of semiconductor IP solutions, specializing in ASIC and IP design targeting markets such as Defense, Automotive, industrial, Personal electronics, and IoT. Dolphin Design cutting-edge technology IPs in AI computing, Power management, High-quality Audio, Power metering, and design safety/robustness, allow their thousand customers/partners to accelerate design cycles, foster faster time-to-market and build products/solutions that address the challenges of any industry and support a more sustainable world.

With a customer-centric approach, Dolphin Design provides exceptional support for successful project outcomes. 

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