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Intuity® Spray medical device by EVEON receives a Pharmapack Award 2021

EVEON, designer and manufacturer of customised, secure and connected medical devices for the preparation and administration of medicines, receives a Pharmapack 2021 award for its medical device Intuity® Spray in the exhibitor category – route of administration.

The Pharmapack exhibition at Paris Expo-Porte de Versailles (France) brings together global pharmaceutical companies. The Pharmapack Awards celebrate innovations that improve drug efficiency, user safety or reduce environmental impact. In 2016, EVEON won a prize for its Intuity® Mix preparation device and, in 2017, for its automatic preparation and delivery system, Intuity® Ject.

Intuity® Spray: an innovative medical device for the administration of drugs, including viscous preparations, in spray/mist form.

The jury of experts from the pharmaceutical industry was particularly convinced by EVEON’s technology. Intuity® Spray is a unique alternative for the administration of drugs, including viscous preparations, in spray/mist form, for topical administration on the skin or mucous membranes. Administration in spray form offers undeniable advantages, non-invasive and very easy to use, improving patient acceptance. Intuity® Spray generates a fine spray (mist) for a wide range of viscosities (>8000 Pa.s) with tiny particles to improve surface coverage and absorption by mucous membranes. Thanks to its electromechanical properties, Intuity® Spray guarantees total control over dose and flow, which can be adjusted according to requirements.
Intuity® Spray medical device design is based on Ad-Mist, an airless spray nozzle that produces a mist of very fine droplets. This patented nozzle can also be sold separately and connected to a syringe by a Luer.

This prize recognises EVEON’s efforts to offer patient-centric solutions. EVEON is proud to propose innovative administration systems to respond to healthcare challenges. Over the past months, our teams have continued to innovate for new and pertinent solutions. This award comes in recognition of their efforts,” declared Vincent TEMPELAERE, CEO of EVEON. He also addressed his sincere thanks for the award to all the members of the jury.

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