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MICROOLED announces ActiveLook AR glasses integration with VSpeak to deliver and hands-free data in real-time for aeromodeling

MICROOLED, the European leader in the manufacture of OLED microdisplays, is making ActiveLook technology compatible with the VSpeak Glasses module, the first-ever smart Augmented Reality (AR) glasses solution specifically designed for aeromodelling enthusiasts. This innovative module seamlessly integrates with all ActiveLook glasses to provide real-time telemetry data directly onto the pilot’s field of view, enhancing the way model pilots interact with their small air vehicles.

ActiveLook develops a heads-up-display technology for smart glasses that combines low weight and low power consumption. In 2022, Activelook launched Engo 2, the lightest, and most technologically advanced eyewear, developed specifically for endurance athletes. Engo 2 provides instant, intuitive, real-time access to performance data directly in the natural field of view. Engo 2 also offers industry leading battery life and can be used for 10-12 consecutive hours before being recharged, and weighs just 36 grams for the standard size - the lightest HUD on the market.

Enhanced focus, enhanced safety, enhanced experience

The importance of maintaining uninterrupted focus extends beyond professional sportsmen. For aeromodeling enthusiasts, a momentary distraction could result in the potential loss of their valuable devices. Activelook and VSpeak redefine the pilot's awareness and engagement with the small air vehicle by seamlessly integrating virtual elements into the physical environment.

Activelook’s users will now have access to selected telemetry data, including altitude, variometer, speed, and other key metrics. This information will be displayed transparently over the pilot's field of view, providing instant and precise information without disrupting the flow of flight operations. The VSpeak module receives telemetry data from the transmitter, including voltage, amperage, and other relevant information, and wirelessly transmits it to the ActiveLook glasses via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

A new era of aeromodeling

The integration of augmented reality into aeromodeling represents a powerful combination for enthusiasts, providing them with vital information to enable greater safety and operational efficiency.

We at MICROOLED are thrilled to announce our collaboration with VSpeak,” says Eric Marcellin-Dibon, CEO of Microoled. ”This partnership proves that the potential of AR applications extends far beyond traditional industries. By integrating our technology with VSpeak’s cutting-edge technology, we're not only enhancing the aeromodeling experience but also demonstrating the transformative power of augmented reality in diverse fields.”

The dashboard is no longer an abstract accessory; it seamlessly integrates into the pilot’s field of vision, providing the magical experience of seamless navigation, “ emphasizes Volker Weigt, VSpeak’s CEO. “Our collaboration with MICROOLED marks a significant milestone in the advancement of aeromodeling technology, democratizing this innovation for users worldwide.”


MICROOLED specializes in the design and manufacture of OLED micro-displays for near-eye applications (outdoor optical equipment, night vision goggles, ocular equipment for medical devices, augmented reality glasses, etc.). MICROOLED is a key partner of the world’s best technology integrators with a unique technology that combines high resolution, high brightness and low power consumption. MICROOLED is the leading player in Europe and number two worldwide in its historical markets. The company is now looking to extend its leadership in the sports market with ActiveLook®, its open platform of “Light AR” solutions.

About VSpeak |

VSpeak is a leading supplier of advanced electronic components for Aeromodeling. They offer a variety of products, including glasses modules for ActiveLook AR/HUD, ECU converters, turbine telemetry, autofill systems, automatic fuel stations, flow meters, fuel consumption displays, onboard compressors, variometers, and various electronic switches.

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