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NEEXT Engineering, QUOBLY and ColibriTD announce an innovative and sovereign collaboration to put quantum technology at the service of energy and decarbonization

NEEXT Engineering, specializing in the development of innovative energy conversion technologies, has teamed up with QUOBLY, a pioneer in silicon-based quantum computing processors, and ColibriTD, a renowned developer of quantum algorithms and platforms. This collaboration, announced at the VivaTech trade show, marks the start of a new era in advanced digital modeling and simulation.

NEEXT Engineering is currently involved in SPARTA, an ambitious R&D program aimed at using high-power decarbonized heat sources to generate electricity and serve other industrial uses. SPARTA technology uses innovative fluids to improve the efficiency of energy conversions.

To drive this revolutionary program forward, NEEXT has identified a crucial need for powerful numerical modeling and simulation tools. That's where QUOBLY and ColibriTD come in.

QUOBLY is contributing its expertise by developing a silicon-based quantum computing processor. At the same time, ColibriTD is providing its Quick quantum platform and universal quantum solver for partial differential equations.

The initial objectives of this collaboration include:

  • To explore concrete cases of numerical modeling and simulation in the energy sector requiring significant computing power: together, the three companies will study complex problems that require computing capacities beyond what current technologies can offer.
  • A common understanding of the computer languages and algorithms to be used to translate technical and scientific issues: teams will work together to master the languages and approaches needed to exploit quantum solutions.
  • Assess the commercial maturity and investment required for the most relevant quantum solutions: partners will analyze the commercial viability and costs associated with quantum solutions.

Together, NEEXT Engineering, QUOBLY and ColibriTD are ready to push back the boundaries of what is possible in the energy field with their combined innovations.

Maud Vinet, CEO of QUOBLY says: "This partnership highlights the transformative potential of quantum computing to address complex real-world challenges. We are delighted to be collaborating with NEEXT Engineering and ColibriTD to harness quantum computing and focus on the highly transformative nuclear power industry".

Jean Maillard, President of NEEXT Engineering, comments: "Many observers maintain that quantum computing is not just around the corner. However, if, like NEEXT Engineering, you are working for the future of energy, we think the time is right! We're delighted to be working with QUOBLY and ColibriTD, two French start-ups whose pragmatic and sovereign technological approaches put them, and us, ahead of the game. The new complexity induced by the ambitious goals of intensive decarbonization of our industries and infrastructures requires substantial computing power. The question is not whether we need quantum computing, but when and how we should use it. That's exactly what this ground-breaking initiative is all about!"

Hacène Goudjil, CEO of ColibriTD says: "This groundbreaking partnership will drive the rapid adoption of quantum solutions in the business world by effectively addressing complex computational challenges directly related to real-world problems."

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