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Remedee Labs is joining Future4care, the digital health startup accelerator

Remedee Labs, a Grenoble-based startup specializing in integrated chronic pain care centered on its unique endorphin stimulation technology, is joining Future4care, the digital health startup accelerator.

At Remedee Labs, we are proud to be the first startup to join Future4care, an accelerator for European digital health startups. Having the support of this incredible digital ecosystem will be key, it is a tremendous opportunity for us to accelerate our development, particularly the launch of our digital service platform for people living with chronic pain.

Remedee Labs has unique, highly innovative technology and a value proposition that will change patients’ lives. Future4care’s expertise and support will contribute to the international commercial development of Remedee Labs’ solution, a major step toward making it available to everyone.

David Crouzier, CEO, Remedee Labs

Remedee Labs joins Future4care, giving it a major boost

Remedee Labs is the first startup to join Future4care, a digital health startup accelerator founded by Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali, and Orange to enable rapid development of e-health solutions.

Future4care, an open innovation ecosystem that embodies European progress on digital health, will contribute to developing the Remedee Labs services platform.

We are very excited to welcome Remedee Labs, one of the first startups to join us at Future4care. Our expertise and the ecosystem we are building will help them successfully start the crucial market launch phase for their solution.

Our founding partners’ international presence will also be an asset as they expand beyond France.

Agnès de Leersnyder, CEO of Future4care

Redefining life with chronic pain thanks to a digital service platform and the first endorphin stimulator for personal use.

Remedee Labs revolutionized pain care when it created the first endorphin stimulation solution and is now developing a digital service platform for people living with fibromyalgia. The platform will offer a comprehensive, personalized experience thanks to interdisciplinary care designed with patients and healthcare providers in mind. It will provide access to remote support from a team of health care coaches plus a suite of custom digital services available 24/7.

The current version is designed for people living with fibromyalgia, but Remedee Labs plans to expand its offer to other conditions that cause chronic pain, including endometriosis, migraines, arthritis, and cancer.

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