Microoled: A Success Story by Minalogic

Microoled: A Success Story by Minalogic
A shining example of how the Minalogic competitiveness cluster helped create a huge success

Minalogic, a digital competitiveness cluster located in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, is thrilled to announce the release of the first episode of its series Success Story by Minalogic.

The episode recounts the history of Minalogic member Microoled and the highlights on its journey to stardom. The video also explores the partnership between Microoled and Minalogic, starting when the company was founded in 2007.

Minalogic: A catalyst for success since 2005

Competitiveness clusters were formed by the French government in 2005 to promote innovation by bringing together members of industry, research, and academia to collaborate on innovative products, solutions, and technologies, as well as stimulate competition and grow local industry ecosystems. As competitiveness clusters enter Phase 5—reindustrialization and national sovereignty—in 2023, Minalogic is perfectly poised to help stakeholders tackle these challenges. Its 500 members include corporations, research and educational institutions, local communities, and private investors.

Since 2005, Minalogic has certified and helped secure financing for 885 R&D projects for a total of €1.14 billion in government grants and a total R&D investment of more than €2.7 billion. It has also been responsible for 12,600 B2B meetings organized as part of its events.

Microoled: A quintessential Minalogic success story

The video on Microoled is the first episode of a new series by Minalogic featuring corporate members that have become industrially and commercially successful, as well as the services they received while working with Minalogic. Microoled is an exemplary success story, with €20 million in revenue (97% from abroad) and nearly a hundred employees.
In this video, Eric Marcellin-Dibon, founder and CEO, recounts the milestones in the company’s journey from a promising startup to a successful small business. Among them is the invaluable guidance Microoled has received since it became a Minalogic member 15 years ago. Philippe Wieczorek, Minalogic’s director of innovation, details the range of services on offer, including help seeking government funding for R&D, achieving commercial growth in France and internationally, and scaling up—ultimately leading to Microoled’s first factory.
Microoled’s achievements are proof of Minalogic’s winning formula, which is based on discussions, trust, and relationships between members and the cluster. The story also illustrates Minalogic’s contributions to deep tech, which focuses on disruptive innovations that differentiate companies, generate competition, and create value.

Microoled and Minalogic grew up together,” said Marcellin-Dibon. “Ours is a two-way relationship. Minalogic was there for us when we first started out and continued to support us throughout our research efforts and as we scaled up and built our first factory, which allowed us to increase our production capacity.
Erasmia Dupenloup, CEO at Minalogic, said, “Time and again, Minalogic has proven itself up to the challenges thrown at it, from support to innovation to scaling up businesses. We are proud of our long-time partnership with Microoled, Europe’s leading producer of OLED microdisplays.” She added, “Microoled is as competitive as any of the largest international players. It also contributes to sustainability by making energy-efficient components.

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