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Tronics is the sole provider of closed-loop MEMS gyrometers and accelerometers, bringing MEMS inertial sensors unrivalled performance. Closed-loop (also called force-feedback) electronics bring several crucial advantages to inertial sensors, including superior linearity, enhanced signal-to-noise ratios, and better behavior in harsh (vibration, impact, temperature) environments. Tronics’ AXO® line of high-performance accelerometers, with their closed-loop architecture, bring new levels of performance to MEMS accelerometers. AXO® accelerometers are the ideal complement to the industry-standard GYPRO® line. They deliver low noise, high bias stability, and excellent temperature linearity. Tronics accelerometers are especially suitable for precision navigation applications.

L'histoire du produit

The STARS project brought together some of France’s leading academic researchers and industrial companies in the field of inertial sensors: two high-tech companies from the Auvergne-RhÃ'ne-Alpes region (Tronics Microsystems and Meggitt-Sensorex), Leti, a leading global research organization and CEA Tech institute specializing in micro and nanotechnologies, and Cetim, a center for expertise in mechanical engineering. The purpose of the project was to develop a new generation of compact, high-performance inertial sensor integrating MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), a technology that is sufficiently mature to carve out a position as the new industry standard. The system developed as a result of the project responds to the global trend of reducing mass and costs while maintaining performanceâ€"a trend observed in the aeronautics, rail, and manufacturing industries. A demonstrator system for a beyond-the-stratosphere application will be developed at the end of the project. One of the underlying challenges addressed by the project was the strategic independence of European systems manufacturers facing virtually-exclusive competition from North American companies. This was the main reason that the project garnered support from so many local partners, including clusters Minalogic, Mont Blanc Industries, and Aerospace Auvergne-RhÃ'ne-Alpes (which co-certified the project), local governments (the Auvergne-RhÃ'ne-Alpes Regional Council, ERDF RhÃ'ne-Alpes, and the Haute-Savoie General Council), and financer Bpifrance. The French Directorate General for Armaments provided project management of technical aspects.
Investissement 3,3Mâ"¬
Délai de mise sur le marché 3 years
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