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Greenbee is Azimut Monitoring's multi-sensor measurement station. It can measure noise, weather, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other parameters; is self-powered (by its own solar panels); and offers wireless communications capabilities (via GPRS). The Greenbee measurement station packs in a host of innovative tools that offer excellent interoperability and upgradeability . The system is easy to implement. It can be used to provide continuous environmental data and configured to trigger an alarm if a given threshold is reached. Because it is portable, collection points can be moved as needed. Azimut Monitoring is rolling out a business model driven by data analysis and consulting services. The company is positioned to help organizations across the public and private sectors integrate environmental issues into their strategies through feasibility studies, equipment installation, data management, indicators and reports, dedicated web portals to access data, and alerts via SMS, email, and RSS.

L'histoire du produit

Azimut Monitoring has traditionally focused on noise pollution monitoring (with its Ladybird® measurement station). Today, with the Greenbee® measurement station, the company is extending its self-powered, communicating measurement station concept to data other than noise. The use of heterogeneous sensors in the same system raises a number of technological challenges, most notably in terms of energy management. In addition to being self-powered and communicating, Azimut Monitoring products must also be easy to integrate into today's emerging urban sensor networks. Azimut Monitoring joined the Senscity project (certified by Minalogic) to address the sensor-network issues inherent to tomorrow's smart cities. The project consortium included stakeholders with wide-ranging know-how. Together, they were able to bring the multi-sensor measurement station to a relatively advanced stage of maturity, both in terms of technology and in terms of an associated service lineup to ensure fast, easy commercialization of the future product. Greenbee® was released commercially upon completion of the Senscity R&D project in 2011. Today, the product accounts for nearly half of Azimut Monitoring's revenue. The company even hired new employees from 2010-2012 on sales of the product (four positions within the company can be attributed to Greenbee®).
Investissement 200K euros
Emplois créés 4
Délai de mise sur le marché 2 years

La société : Azimut Monitoring

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