Annuaire des produits

Mobile app for public transit users


Acorel's mobile apps are designed to place the powerful traffic management tools generally reserved for public transit operators in the hands of everyday users, giving them real-time information about traffic, estimated wait times, the number of passengers on board a vehicle, route information, and other indicators to enhance comfort and convenience.

L'histoire du produit

The app was developed by Acorel and engineering students at Grenoble Institute of Technology-Esisar with the support of the Easytech program.
Investissement Products are commercialized only after positive feedback from trade show demos.
Délai de mise sur le marché During the project: No new hires planned Number of new jobs expected: To be determined based on market response and business opportunities identified.
Financeurs Project financed by the IRT Nanoelec Easytech program, administered by Minalogic
Financeurs publics Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Regional Council
En collaboration avec Grenoble INP ESISAR
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