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Morphosense calibration machine


Today, Morphosense possesses a calibration machine developed and built to specifications drawn up for the company’s unique applications. The machine was financed through an Easytech-certified project with Leti and IRT Nanoelec. Once the measurement nodes are created and functional testing completed, the machine guarantees reliable, accurate, reproducible calibration while providing the valuable calibration data that is flashed in each elementary package. This is a fundamental element that is unlike any of the technologies competing with Morphosense’s system. Calibration is done just once and the system enables long-term monitoring without the need for additional interventions.

L'histoire du produit

Previously, calibration was done “by hand” and took around two hours for each network measurement node. And a network is made up of around fifteen measurement nodes. Therefore, calibration was both costly and time-intensive. The calibration machineâ€"the only one of its kind in the worldâ€"drastically reduces calibration time to just 45 minutes to calibrate ten nodes simultaneously. The time saved has a positive impact on costs.
Investissement 200Kâ"¬
Emplois créés 8
Délai de mise sur le marché 9 months
Financeurs Project financed by the IRT Nanoelec Easytech program, administered by Minalogic
Financeurs publics Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Regional Council, Isere General Council
En collaboration avec Grenoble INP
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