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People sense detect human presence and count people in real time, delivering reliable information and requiring no special equipment for users. The sensors can also provide additional value-added data like position, direction, speed, and posture (standing, sitting, lying down). The data generated by the sensors can be used to manage smart building systems (lighting, HVAC, shutters and blinds, automatic doors) to generate energy savings while ensuring occupant comfort and convenience. The data is also of use for assisted living personal safety applications. Finally, the sensors can map traffic, generating data that can be leveraged to make more efficient use of space. All of these applications target the BtoB and consumer markets. Irlynx sensors pick up the heat emitted by the human body to detect and locate people. The company's unique, patented infrared technology is compatible with low-cost mass production to make all homes more comfortable, economical, and environmentally-friendly.

L'histoire du produit

Irlynx was founded by Sebastien Fabre in 2012. Mr. Fabre acquired solid experience with infrared technology during his employment at Vince Innovation. He founded Irlynx to develop a new, nonintrusive technology to detect and characterize human activity innovative enough to be unique on the market. He joined forces with tech pioneers Lionel Fritsch and Lionel Chaverot to invent new solutions to replace the basic motion detectors on the market and bring their customers more added value. The company developed a new generation of matrix-based thermal IR detector modules for smart building applications. The all-in-one, low-cost, low-power modules protect users' privacy. In 2014, Irlynx joined the Easytech program, backed by IRT Nanoelec and administered by Minalogic, to receive support for the development of the company's innovative IR detector. Irlynx is currently a member of Minalogic and is taking full advantage of the cluster's ongoing support.
Emplois créés 45 jobs created since the company was founded
Brevets déposés 3
Délai de mise sur le marché Four years of R&D (market release expected in 2017)
Financeurs Project financed by the IRT Nanoelec Easytech program, administered by Minalogic
Financeurs publics Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Regional Council, Isere General Council, Grenoble Alpes Metropole (The Greater Grenoble Intermunicipal Authority), The Gresivaudan Valley Intermunicipal Authority
En collaboration avec CEA DSIS

La société : Irlynx

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