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Portable valve actuators


Modec portable rotating actuators are a powerful tool for opening and closing manual valves. Imagine a simple tool that lets you quickly and safely open and close your manual valves and handwheels. Modec, located in France’s DrÃ'me region, designed and developed its new range of portable rotating valve actuators to solve this problem. This must-have tool for operators is made of four main components: - A handle to control speed, maximum torque, and power. - A motor, powered by compressed air, electricity, or gasoline. - A head, either straight, for valves facing the operator, or angled for valves in a horizontal position; a hollow head is also provided for valves with vertical stems. - Adapters, which are mounted directly on the portable actuator head (and not on the valve wheel). The portable actuators are extremely flexible with adapters available for all types of valves and flywheels. They are also lightweight and, on average, open a valve ten times faster than manual opening. The tool is particularly useful for valves that are stuck, difficult to reach, or that take a large number of turns to open/close. Plus, the tool is safe for both the equipment and the operator. The product line includes three types of motors to meet the requirements of different environments: - Compressed air A pneumatic actuator (which runs on compressed air) is the ideal solution for facilities that already have a compressed-air network. This is often the best option for sensitive (explosive) environments and for operations that require high torque. - Electric The electric actuator is a practical solution for valves in isolated locations. The portable battery is easy to move and provides a longer-lasting power supply. - Gasoline The gasoline-powered actuator is also a good choice for valves in isolated or faraway locations; simply go to the nearest filling station when needed. Why use a portable valve actuator Valve actuators reduce the risk of accidents involving operators as well as operator pain and injury. The operator no longer needs to exert excessive force; the actuator does all of the work. With a variety of torque rods available, operators can actuate valves safely, without the fear of applying too much force at the start and end position. Valves at height or in crowded, difficult-to-access areas are much easier to actuate. Save time! Modec portable valve actuators are lightweight and, on average, open a valve ten times faster than manual opening, saving you time. The tool is very fast and easy to set up; no previous preparation of the valve or handwheel is required. Portable valve actuators are particularly useful in water-related facilities. They make it easier to detect leaks (by making it easier to isolate a part of the piping network, sometimes multiple times). Modec has also developed specific adapters for water-related facilities. These include a telescoping hydrant wrench that attaches directly to the portable valve actuator. There is also an adapter for underground valves. Finally, Modec can also develop special straps and adaptors to meet the needs of virtually any situation.
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