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TapNLink is an out-of-the-box solution that interfaces embedded electronics with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets. etc.). It is used primarily for the supervision and control of electronic devices from a smartphone. TapNLink can also be used to connect remote applications, using a smartphone as a gateway. This enables remote maintenance and supervision, for example. Main innovations: • Connection to the embedded system via the debugging port (neutralized or not). If the debugging port is used, the PoC can be created in minutes, and no changes to the hardware or software are required. • Embedded software updates and remote debugging. • NFC interface, which can be used for secure pairing with BLE devices, drastically reducing radio emissions and energy consumption. • Easy integration with dedicated configuration software, which can also be used to dynamically generate monitoring applications. • Factory-integrated (electrical, mechanical) and certified (FCC). The main markets targeted are the manufacturing industries (machine tools), consumer goods (home appliances), and smart buildings. Competing solutions only cover a portion of TapNLink’s functional scope and integration is much more complex.

L'histoire du produit

Francis Lamotte founded Raisonance in 1988; the company specialized in microcontroller development tools like emulators, compilers, and simulators. Raisonance began diversifying in to smart-card and, later, NFC testing in 2000. In 2012 Raisonance changed its name to Keolabs, and smart cards became the company’s core business. The IoTize concept emerged in 2015, and leveraged the company’s two main areas of expertise, development tools and NFC tools. The IoTize project, backed by the French Single Interministerial Fund, took place from 2015 to 2018. Keolabs was the project lead, and the consortium included STMicroelectronics, Gemalto, LIG lab and ISEN. This project gave the company a technical foundation, built in part on academic research in the fields of IoT protocols and security. The architecture’s main component is the TapNLink hardware module; several prototypes were built during the IoTize project. Improvements were made with each prototype: The form factor, energy consumption, and manufacturing costs were reduced. The result was a certified product ready for industrial-scale manufacturing. While the hardware was being developed, three other projects were completed: • Firmware: The firmware orchestrates all of TapNLink’s embedded functions, most of which are executed from a configuration base • Configuration software: A graphical user interface used by the customer to configure the desired features • Smartphone app: Development solutions for monitoring applications (interfaced with TapNLink)
Investissement R&D:  1.2Mâ"¬ Industrial scale-up: 250Kâ"¬ Sales: 170Kâ"¬
Emplois créés 10
Brevets déposés 1
Délai de mise sur le marché 4 years
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