Smartees2. Adopt flexible electronics

Smartees2. Adopt flexible electronics

Minalogic is a partner of this European project


Smartees 2 (sustainable ecosystem for the adoption, ramp-up and transfer of emerging electronics solutions) is one of the 4 new European projects in which Minalogic is a partner


Launched last January, this project is part of the European Union's "Smart Anything Everywhere" initiative, which promotes the adoption of digital technologies by SMEs to develop new innovative products and services, and more specifically in Smartees2, to integrate flexible electronics into their activities.

The ecosystem is well represented in this consortium, which brings together 14 partners from 9 European countries:

  • 8 Research technology organization: CEA Liten in France, Centre for process innovation in United Kingdom, TNO in Netherlands, VTT in Finland, EURECAT in Spain, Fraunhofer in Germany, IMEC in Belgium and CENTI in Portugal.
  • 3 innovation and business partners: Blumorpho in France, Network EBN in Belgium and AMIRES in Czech Republic.
  • 3 clusters: Minalogic in France, DSP Valley in Belgium and Organic Electronics Saxony in Germany.

The project has allocated a budget of €3.8 million to finance directly SMEs and Midcaps through “vouchers", 47 of which will receive financial support of up to 117K€, as well as business development services to settle an exploitation plan and access new markets.

SmartEEs2 : the COVID19 component in its Open Call

SmartEEs2 is opening its Open Call and first cut-off to applicants proposing solutions to limit COVID 19 and viral propagation (e.g. prevention, diagnostics, therapy) where Flexible & Wearable Electronics could offer differentiation. We’ll consider both short & long term solutions.

Because duration of COVID 19 crisis is unfortunately unknown. And similar viral situations, with other viruses, may happen again in the future. And we can expect our societies to be highly anticipative on pandemic risks once COVID 19 will be over.

So, this topic could even be further pushed through next cut-offs as Flexible & Wearable Electronics are relevant technologies for Wearable/Personal Health applications.


Two types of projects will be funded, benefiting from cutting-edge technologies and business advice, regardless of their level of technological maturity:

Experimenting and testing end-product ideas with few technologies Support to manufacturing of few based end-products including upscaling
Topic Related to industrial and societal adoption of new digital products, services and business models enabled by Flexible and Wearable electronics Related to the following manufacturing technologies
Partnerships Research technological organization partner of Smartees2
SMEs and ETI technological partners
SMEs and ETI innovation and business partner
Project length 9 - 12 months
Overall project budget 117 k€
Grants Up to 60 000€  worth of technical services delivered directly by the Smartees community. Grant 100%.

Up to 28 500€ voucher assigned to the Innovative Company for technical activities related to the product prototyping/ support to manufacturing activities. Grant subvention 70%.

Up to 28 500€ voucher assigned to the Innovative Company for business activities related to the exploitation plan. Grant subvention 70%.

Eligible costs - Qualified human resources from the IC dedicated to the application experiment

- Consumables, Components, Materials for the product demonstrator

- Travelling (E.g. meeting for kicking of the Application Experiment)

- Subcontracting (other third parties than the IC)

Technologies activities and manufacturing technologies OLED lighting
Organic photovoltaics
Flexible displays
Electronics and components
Integrated smart systems
Smart textiles
Structural electronics
Electronics Printing
High volume component assembly
Structural electronics
Expected outcome The transformation of a product idea into a functional product demonstrator

The creation of an exploitation plan

Small series of demonstrators

Advancement and validation of the exploitation plan (e.g.  cost calculation, supply chain, market expansion).

A call for projects is open since 12/03/2020 until 12/09/2021 with several cut-off dates for the evaluation of the submitted projects: 

  • 1st cut-off: 05/06/2020
  • 2nd cut-off: 23/09/2020
  • 3rd cut-off : 15/01/2021
  • 4th cut-off: 07/05/2021
  • 5th cut-off : 31/08/2021


Who can apply?

SMEs and Midcaps wishing to develop innovative products and solutions to access to the latest technologies in flexible electronics from all application market: automotive, construction, energy, logistics, medical, packaging, textile, graphic arts, etc...


How to submit my project?

We invite you first to contact Minalogic before following the following steps:


For further information :
Bastien Hualpa | European Projects | M : +33 (0)6 21 96 71 83


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements No. 761496 and No. 872076

Want to know more? Contact:

Bastien Hualpa
Bastien Hualpa
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