UFO: Data from and for space

UFO: Data from and for space


Minalogic continues to bring home EU projects that are winners for the cluster and, as always, our members.


Minalogic is engaged in four new EU projects, the latest of which is: UFO (Emerging indUstries and new value chains boosted by small Flying Objects). The approach is multi-industry, and the project is leveraging sensors, photonics, and geospatial data processing to develop innovative new products and services for nanosatellites and other small flying objects.


Minalogic is working with the following European clusters on this new project :

  • Aerospace Valley (coordinator – France)
  • Finance Innovation (France)
  • ICT Cluster (Bulgaria)
  • CLUJ IT (Romania)
  • Corallia (Greece)
  • MSE (UK)
  • KTN (UK)
  • Climate – KIC (associate partner)


The project will include open innovation services, BtoB events, and financing for R&D and PoC projects with testing and implementation in five markets:

  • Blue growth (maritime transportation, use of marine and maritime resources)
  • Gaming
  • Mobility
  • Banking/finance/insurance
  • Environmental technologies


The project is backed by €4.35 million in financing, €3 million of which is earmarked specifically for support for SMEs. It is funded by the H2020 INNOSUP call for proposals. The European Commission is partnering with innovation support organizations like clusters via INNOSUP with the goal of creating new industrial value chains across Europe and, especially, value chains that include SMEs. The €3 million will be allocated through a cascade funding scheme.


Starting in September, Minalogic members will have access to a number of initiatives:

First, a series of virtual meetings and informational sessions to introduce Minalogic members and innovators from the different regions, technologies, and industries represented within this project:

  • Small flying objects (SFOs): nanosatellites, satellite platforms, drones, balloons
  • Embedded systems: sensors, communications
  • Data processing and analysis
  • New uses in five markets

The goal is to generate ideas for projects that could be financed by the UFO project. The calls for projects will begin in November 2020 with three types of funding (in the form of direct subsidies to SMEs):

Feasibility (€10K to €30K)
Market and business development (€20K max.)
Demonstration (€60K max.)


Destination space


The UFO project is indicative of the broader NewSpace trend, which is gaining traction at Minalogic. Cluster Imaginove merged with Minalogic in 2019, positioning Minalogic as coordinator of the CENTAuRA CoSpace Booster in partnership with the Grenoble-Alpes University Space Center, Aerospace Cluster Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Vegepolys Vallée, CIMES, Indura, Cluster Montagne, and Cluster Lumière.


The Boosters are local/regional ecosystems set up to promote technological innovation in the field of geospatial data/content (geolocation, metrology, satellite imaging) and the technologies needed to produce, transmit, and utilize it. To kick off the Booster, Minalogic and its partners will run several events:

A day-long meeting on the challenges of NewSpace will take place on September 22 in Grenoble. For further information, see


Set your sights on new frontiers!




Your contacts at Minalogic :

For inquiries related to the UFO project:
Laure Quintin | Head of European Projects | M : +33 (0)6 04 91 17 99


For inquiries related to NewSpace:
David Gal-Regniez | Director, Contents & Usages Department | M : +33 (0)6 61 80 51 43



The UFO project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 873411

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