Grenoble and Dresden small businesses identify shared opportunities

Grenoble and Dresden small businesses identify shared opportunities

Grenoble and Dresden signed a partnership agreement in March 2010 targeting the cities' microelectronics clusters. The partnership will help industry professionals on both sides of the border to better identify opportunities to work together on the five topics outlined in the agreement: education, advanced technologies, public policy, industry and the environment, and SMEs. Two meetings for Grenoble and Dresden SMEs were held in February.

Two meetings for SMEs were held on February 23 in Grenoble and February 24 in Dresden to discuss potential opportunities for the two cities' microelectronics clusters to work together and to identify needs and expectations on both sides of the border.
Participating SMEs expressed interest in working together on manufacturing-related projects. However, they emphasized the need for clear information (including expertise, target markets, number of employees, and annual revenue) on businesses from both clusters. Participants also stated that they do not necessarily have the in-house resources they need to contribute effectively to this joint initiative.

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