Antoine Perrin appointed president of Minalogic

Antoine Perrin appointed president of Minalogic

Minalogic annual general meeting: Antoine Perrin appointed president to pursue the cluster’s missions

Minalogic held its annual general meeting on May 26, 2020. The meeting took place online due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. A number of resolutions were voted, including the division of the Business College into two separate Colleges (one for SMEs and one for large companies) and the appointment of the cluster’s directors. The new board of directors appointed Antoine Perrin (representing Schneider Electric) president of Minalogic..

An online annual general meeting

This was a special annual general meeting in that it was held online. The Covid-19 related restrictions the French government implemented in March were still in force. So, a decision was made to hold the meeting online in two phases. The “e-meeting” provided a maximum number of members with an opportunity to vote via a 100% digital voting system befitting of a digital technology cluster like Minalogic.

Members were able to access all of the AGM content and vote on a secure platform in the two weeks before the AGM.

On the day of the AGM, May 26, 60% of members were online for the webinar. Any members who had not yet voted at that time were given an additional 24 hours to do so.

Votes that will shape the future of Minalogic

Some lively discussions took place at the webinar and several resolutions were voted: A new College was created, directors were elected for two-year terms, and the bylaws were updated.

New College for businesses

The Business College was divided into one College for SMEs and another for large companies and corporations. The number of directors representing companies increased by two to reflect this change.

Board of directors for the 2020–2022 period

Minalogic’s board of directors has a total of 19 seats: 7 for SMEs, 5 for other companies, 6 for higher education and research, and 1 for local governments and economic development and innovation agencies.

College 1 (SMEs): 7 full members and 2 alternates

  • Alpwise (Serge Veyres),
  • Astrée Software (Nicolas Stori),
  • Enerbee (Jocelyne Wasselin) alternate,
  • Hoomano (Xavier Basset),
  • Keranova (Denise Hoblingre),
  • Pulse Origin (Benoit Giroux) alternate,
  • Pyxalis (Philippe Rommeveaux),
  • SBT (Franck Tarpin-Bernard),
  • Tiempo (Serge Maginot)

College 2 (other companies): 5 full members

  • Lynred (David Billon-Lanfrey),
  • Michelin (Marc Evangelista),
  • Schneider Electric (Antoine Perrin),
  • SOITEC (Cécile Lacroix),
  • STMicroelectronics (Philippe Magarshack)

College 3 (public sector organizations): 6 full members

  • CEA (Eric Dupont-Nivet),
  • INRIA (Patrick Gros),
  • INSA Lyon (Christophe Garcia),
  • Grenoble Institute of Technology (Gaëlle Calvary),
  • Grenoble-Alpes University (Eric Gaussier),
  • Jean Monnet University (Philippe Colantoni)

College 4: 1 full member

  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Council (Yannick Neuder)

Meet Minalogic’s new president

The new board of directors appointed Schneider Electric, represented by Antoine Perrin, president.

«In these uncertain – yet promising – times, our community of members stands out for its extraordinary capacity to innovate. Everyone’s contribution is valued, and our strength lies in our diversity. Our board and all of our directors are here to serve the cluster and its members. Our mission is to make Minalogic a family of 500 united, creative members prepared to stand together to achieve our goals. »

4 vice présidents chosen on the July 2 board meeting

  • Finance vice president: Denise Hoblingre
  • SME development vice president: Serge Veyres
  • Research, Training, Transfer of Innovation vice president: Patrick Gros
  • Europe & International vice president: Philippe Magarschack

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