Interview with Abdel Belaroussi - HARMONIE MUTUELLE

Interview with Abdel Belaroussi - HARMONIE MUTUELLE

Abdel Belaroussi
Director for Development




Abdel Belaroussi, tell us about Harmonie Mutuelle :

AB : "Harmonie Mutuelle is France’s largest private-sector health insurance provider with 4.3 million policyholders. We believe in technology and are pioneering innovative practices in e-healthcare to bring us closer to where our customers are.


E-healthcare will cause some profound changes in the way healthcare is organized. So, we feel that it is crucial to make sure our customers remain the focus of our digital transformation policies. Our goal is to offer innovative, personalized solutions in preventive care, healthcare, and other types of personal insurance.


In terms of what is happening in our region, as director of development for Southeastern France, I, along with my team, am fully committed to working with Minalogic to ensure that our innovations benefit the people we serve. I bring twelve years of experience in the insurance industry and have a graduate degree in Marketing. I am part of today’s new generation of managers who would like to see insurance-industry professionals become preventive-care professionals."



What made you decide to join Minalogic ?

AB : "The tools used in the healthcare industry are changing, which raises a number of questions for us. Therefore, we felt that a long-term partnership with Minalogic would give us access to the kind of open innovation activities that will help us find the answers we are looking for. We are also keen on crossing the traditional boundaries of the insurance industry to become a “high-tech” insurance company.


Each day, we continue to build trust with the people at Minalogic. It is a win-win relationship."



What services have you used since joining Minalogic ?

AB : "We are active participants in Minalogic events. We get valuable opportunities to meet with startups, learn about the ecosystem, and gain insights that will support our own digital transformation strategy.


More specifically, we are already engaged in several test projects with Minalogic members we have met at Innovation Days organized in partnership with Minalogic. We are working on how connected technologies can contribute to issues like quality of life at work, prevention and wellness, support for isolated and other vulnerable people, and work-life balance."



What kinds of partnerships are you looking for as a Minalogic member ? Business ? Innovation ?

AB : "We are already involved in several healthcare-related projects and initiatives under development with Minalogic members. In other words, we are looking for opportunities to identify and experiment with innovations that will transform the healthcare profession and that will ensure that people remain the focus. As French philosopher Jean Bodin said, The only true wealth is man."


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