Interview with Antoine AUBERTON HERVE - ENLAPS

Interview with Antoine AUBERTON HERVE - ENLAPS




Antoine AUBERTON HERVE, can you tell us a little bit about ENLAPS :

AAH : " Well, time-lapse videos are something everybody is familiar with. Like a flower blossoming, a sunset, or a building under construction.

Enlaps is a complete and intuitive solution that includes a self-powering connected video camera and a web app to edit, view, and share your time-lapse videos.

We had a great Kickstarter campaign last December. We had 500 orders and raised €200K—one of the top ten crowdfunding campaigns in France! Right now we are busy scaling up the system for manufacturing to deliver our first units by the fall of 2016.

We want to do for time-lapse videos what GoPro did for action videos. We want to make time-lapse available to anyone who wants it! Our business model is designed to keep our customers coming back with a full-featured web app that makes it really easy to produce great videos and share them online."



What made you decide to join Minalogic ?

AAH : " We are from Grenoble. As a startup, it is like we have this mountain to climb and Minalogic is a fixed safety line for us, helping us keep our eyes where they need to be-on the summit. Minalogic is also the map we use to find our way through the complexities of financing, subsidies, and institutional partners.


With Minalogic, a startup like ours can get all the information and assistance we need in one place ! "



What collaborative R&D projects are you working on and what specific know-how are you contributing? ?

AAH : "We met with Minalogic to discuss our needs. They pointed us toward an Easytech project, for which we obtained Minalogic certification. The project gave us access to three ESISAR (an engineering school of Grenoble Institute of Technology) students, full time for six months. Their support will help us meet the project’s objectives of developing an embedded software application and the associated electronic components for our system."




What services have you used since you joined Minalogic ?

AAH  : " We joined very recently, but we have already taken advantage of a lot of services, especially for our trip to CES Las Vegas this year

  • A presentation of CES by Olivier Ezratti (France’s most influential person at the event)
  • An American-style pitch workshop to make sure we were able to grab visitors’ attention in less than 30 seconds at the event
  • Scheduling business meetings with potential corporate partners
  • A subsidy to cover some of the costs of attending the event
  • A debriefing session after the event
  • Communication of our company news by Minalogic (newsletter, website, Twitter, etc.)"




What kinds of partnerships are you looking for as a Minalogic member? Business? Innovation?

AAH : "We are looking for business partnerships to help us get demonstrator systems out to market segments like tourism, construction, and ski resorts, where time-lapse video can bring a lot of added value ..."

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