Interview with Denise Hoblingre - POP'N LINK

Interview with Denise Hoblingre - POP'N LINK

Denise Hoblingre
Associate CFO



Denise Hoblingre, Tell us about pop’n link :

DH : " Pop’n link is a startup based in Lyon. We launched the company in 2016 with a technology that enables connected devices.


We developed an innovative solution based on a patented device called the POP (“Proof of Presence”) that enables communication and interaction. It can be used to connect any device, confirming the actual presence of the device’s user at a given location.


Pop’n link is driven by two core beliefs:

  • The need to create frictionless gateways between the physical and digital worlds
  • The need to develop non-intrusive technology that protects users’ anonymity

Our solutions are simple, with no apps to download. Users simply place their phone on a POP to access context-rich digital content to enhance their experience in the physical world.


The user triggers the pop’n link experience. There are no alerts or other intrusive messages.


We have started bringing our solution to the restaurant industry. At the Hard Rock Café in Lyon, for example, POPs on the tables can be used to access menus translated into several languages, place an order and pay, and to leave reviews backed by your certified presence at the location


Over the next few months we plan to bring our solution to other restaurants with several new contracts expected soon. We are also developing other solutions leveraging proof-of-presence and smart interaction."



What made you decide to join Minalogic?

DH : "We joined Minalogic in 2016 with the idea of challenging our technology.


Very rapidly, we realized that Minalogic had a lot more to offer us! The cluster’s staff is highly competent and knows the members extremely well.


In particular, Minalogic has supported our business development strategy. We have benefitted from qualified introductions to representatives of large corporations as well as support at CES in Las Vegas."



What services have you used since joining Minalogic?

DH : "We have been to CES with the Minalogic delegation twice and we are very proud of the Innovation Award we brought home from CES in 2017. Both trips were very beneficial for us.


The support we got from Minalogic helped us go to CES prepared. We attended elevator pitch training sessions, learned how to qualify leads, and got the latest regulatory information. Going to CES with the Minalogic delegation is also very valuable in terms of being able to share your experiences with other startups and get maximum exposure at the event."



What types of partnerships are you looking for as a Minalogic member? Business? Innovation?

DH : "We haven’t attended an Open Innovation Day yet, but it is one of the things we hope to do in the coming months.


We would also like to apply to an EU H2020 or similar project, another area where I know the experience of Minalogic and the entire ecosystem will be a valuable asset.."


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