Interview with Florian Miguet - CLIM8

Interview with Florian Miguet - CLIM8

Florian Miguet



Florian Miguet, tell us about Clim8! :

FM : "Clim8 has developed a smart heat-regulating technology that knows exactly when and how to keep the wearer warm. The system consists of heat sensors connected to a mobile app and can determine the wearer’s ideal body temperature. The technology turns the heat up or down to maintain optimal wearer comfort. The system’s smart capabilities also adapt to each individual’s standard of comfort according to age, weight, and physical activity.


Clim8 is a BtoB brand. We provide a technology that is easy to for manufacturers to integrate into apparel and other accessories worn close to the body.


Our market is international and we are targeting several industries:

  • Outdoor apparel: outdoor sports (biking, hiking, trail running, skiing, climbing, etc.)
  • Workwear: for workers exposed to low temperatures (airports, food factories)
  • Military: for troops on the ground in harsh conditions

Our technology has been on the market since November 2017 under the outdoor brand K2, a leader in South Korea."



What made you decide to join Minalogic ?

FM : "As a provider of IoT solutions, we were directed to Minalogic very soon after we came to the region. After meeting with Minalogic, we very rapidly began working with their team to prepare for CES Las Vegas 2017.


We were blown away by how knowledgeable, committed, and professional the team was, as well as by how extensive their network was.


In more than a year and a half working with Minalogic, we have taken advantage of quite a few training sessions and events organized by the cluster. We now have a clearer understanding of the services innovative startups can use to accelerate their growth and build relationships and partnerships with other members."



What collaborative R&D projects are you involved in ?

FM : "We obtained the Easytech seal at the end of January 2018. This was coordinated by the Minalogic team in Lyon for a collaborative project on Big Data optimization with LIRIS.


We are currently in the process of developing a second collaborative project for the second half of the year."



What services have you used since joining Minalogic?

FM : "So far, we have used two services:

  • Support for CES: training and coaching before the event, planning for the event to get the most out of it, and following up with leads after the event.
  • Easytech: coaching and consulting on the Big Data model and improving our algorithms.

We are also currently in talks concerning sources of financing for innovation."



What types of partnerships are you looking for as a Minalogic member ? Business ? Innovation ?

FM : " We have identified two priorities for our future collaboration with Minalogic.

  • Business: Minalogic Business Meetings are a perfect match for our needs.
  • R&D: We would like to know more about the available regional, national, and EU programs, application deadlines, etc. We would also like to be introduced to experts or advanced research centers (public or private sector) in highly-specialized areas."


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