Interview with Thierry GONTHIEZ - RESOLUTION Spectra Systems

Interview with Thierry GONTHIEZ - RESOLUTION Spectra Systems




Thierry GONTHIEZ, can you tell us a little bit about RESOLUTION Spectra Systems

TG : " RESOLUTION Spectra Systems develops and commercializes high-performance optical spectroscopy systems for laser source control, process analysis, and structural inspection.

From 2011, when the company was founded, until 2015, we set up an extremely competent, proactive team, completed the commercial release of our two first products on the laser control market, and continued our R&D work to bring our technology to maturity. We also set up our manufacturing processes and developed new products and know-how for our different markets.

This initial phase of development positioned us to make our first sales and set up our international distribution network, covering the US, China, and Japan.

We are currently entering a second very promising phase. We are now offering new products and solutions to our different target markets. In 2016 alone we will release three new products and launch several industrial partnerships with customers."



What made you decide to join Minalogic ?

TG : " It came about naturally. We set up the company following a collaborative R&D project backed by Minalogic (the SWIFTS 400-1000 project from 2008 to 2011). Beyond the fact that Minalogic was part of the company’s early history, continued membership in the cluster gives us a number of benefits. The cluster offers a wide range of high-quality services, facilitates networking with other member companies and the broader Minalogic community, and helps us identify sources of government funding for our R&D projects. The Minalogic team is highly professional, takes the time to listen to our needs and ideas, and is responsive and easy to work with. All of these benefits really add up ! "



What collaborative R&D projects are you working on and what specific know-how are you contributing?

TG : " RESOLUTION Spectra Systems is the lead on the ANAgRAM project (backed by the French Single Interministerial Fund) to develop high-performance ultra-integrated Raman analyzer solutions to meet the needs of the non-destructive testing market and, specifically, testing materials for industrial process control, microbiological analysis, in-situ environmental testing, and anti-counterfeiting systems..

These developments are based on our SWIFTS technology, which combines know-how from micro and nanotechnology, optics, software, and systems development..

We are also a partner in another French Single Interministerial Fund-backed project co-certified with another cluster. This project will help us adapt the solutions we developed under the ANAgRAM project for gas analysis applications for industrial process control."


Watch an interview with Thierry Gonthiez at a Minalogic event on June 17, 2014 that includes a presentation of two of the company’s products, the Zoom Spectra and the Micro Spectra, both of which were developed under Minalogic-certified R&D projects SWIFTS 400-1000 and ANAgRAM.


Interview with Thierry GONTHIEZ



What services have you used since you joined Minalogic ?

TG : " Quite a few! We have participated in brainstorming sessions, Open Innovation Days, project engineering support, meetings on specific technology or market topics, meetings with public-sector financers like the French Defense Ministry’s procurement arm, and more.

Over the past two months we have taken advantage of two particularly useful services. First, Minalogic helped us find relevant contacts and financing for a trip to the US for a major international trade show.

Second, the cluster assisted us with an EU project submission with a German partner. The Minalogic team gave us the information we needed, oriented us toward the calls for projects that best matched our situation, and introduced us to the key contacts for those calls for projects."



What kinds of partnerships are you looking for as a Minalogic member ? Business? Innovation?

TG : "Over the past few years, we have set up a number of partnerships with businesses and research labs, thanks to our Minalogic membership. We are working hand in hand with these partners to develop new products and test them for specific applications.

Today, we are focusing more on business partnerships to continue to fuel our growth strategy."


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