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A-SIS : A logistics system equal to Flauraud’s new ambitions

Flauraud, a PGA subsidiary and a major player in the European spare parts, automobile services and accessories distribution market, chose the expertise of SAVOYE (and its software editor A-SIS) which specialises in advising on, designing, manufacturing and integrating complete intralogistic solutions, to automate its nation-wide logistics platform in Clermont-Ferrand (France).


Flauraud, a multi-brand automobile spare parts distributor, fortified by joining the PGA Motors group two years ago and confronted by a competitive market in which it wanted to increase its market share, decided to undertake the ambitious project of modernising its logistics platform in Clermont-Ferrand. Keen to meet the demands of its clients more efficiently and to make the distribution of its products more reliable, the company chose SAVOYE, an integrator of comprehensive logistics solutions, and its software editor brand A-SIS to automate its 16,000 m2 site.


Specific expertise serving comprehensive solutions...
SAVOYE and A-SIS developed a comprehensive project for Flauraud from the consulting stage to organising the changeover and automating its logistics tools. Launched in January 2018 the project included installing equipment and solutions tailored to meet the distributor’s needs: “ Spare parts logistics involves a certain number of specific constraints including pull flows, a wide range of references from outsize ones to small ones and constraints due to storing hazardous or flammable products. Our SAVOYE teams’ expertise in this sector enabled us to offer Flauraud a comprehensive, turnkey solution from setting up the internal logistics, to managing the changeover, to automating packaging and integrating mezzanines and software solutions” explains, Gilles Charpille, Sales Engineer for A-SIS.


...For long-term development
Flauraud found SAVOYE’s comprehensive solutions as well as its expertise in the field attractive. For the mechanisation, the INTELIS CONVEY range, dedicated to handling trays and packages and made up of plug&play conveying modules for quick and upgradeable roll-out, was put in place and two mezzanines each measuring 1,600 m2 were created. For the software, WMS LMxt was chosen to ensure storage and order preparation optimisation. Business Intelligence tools, including the integration platform B2B LM Connect, enable Flauraud to interface with its partners (suppliers, transporters, clients) to facilitate communication between the different applications of its information system. Quality, weight and automatic timing control tools have been added to the above systems guaranteeing the transfer and conformity of the parts for storage and distribution. “Our solution aims to provide Flauraud with concrete productivity gains as well as an increase in flows and volumes on a like for like basis.  This new logistics tool will enable Flauraud to meet the demands of its increased development and new ambitions. We are going to continue our close partnership beyond the technical project to help Flauraud in training its teams and in fully adopting this project culture” says Denis Rochette, Sales Engineer for Savoye.


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