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A-SIS launches a heads-up display system

This new multi-mode mobility solution offers a real alternative to augmented reality glasses, combining information displayed on a high-definition screen positioned on the visor of a cap with voice technology. The result is a clear field of view and free hands.


A-SIS develops software solutions for the supply chain, and is part of the Savoye Division (Legris Industries Group). During the 2016 SITL international trade show for transport and logistics (22-25 March, Paris Nord Villepinte) the company is presenting a new multi-mode mobility solution.


Its main advantage is that it offers warehouse operatives clear visibility while also leaving their hands free. This unique solution is a powerful alternative to augmented-reality glasses.


"Initially, we prototyped and tested glasses, but we came to the conclusion that this solution is not very suitable for use in a warehouse," explains Evelyne Raynaud, Director for Product Development and Strategy at a-SIS


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