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A-SIS provides Parfums Christian Dior with the essence of its warehouse and flow management expertise

For more than 15 years, the publisher of supply chain software, A-SIS has been assisting the prestigious Parfums Christian Dior brand with its international development, in the form of a core model automation project.

The story began in 2003 when the legendary Maison Parfums Christian Dior decided to replace the WMS at its International Distribution Centre in Saint Jean de Braye (45). It is here that almost 3,500 orders, mainly perfumes and cosmetics, are picked every day and despatched to the four corners of the world. In order to optimise storage, picking and shipping of these worldwide orders, A-SIS’s teams installed the warehouse management solution WMS LM7. An initial strategic collaboration that would prove fruitful as it resulted, several years later in 2012, in a new project for retrofitting its mechanized system. This provided the opportunity for the publisher to implement its LM WCS tool, which is responsible for managing all of the centre's facilities: “For reasons of uniformity in terms of tools and processes, we introduced a WCS solution enabling all its automated equipment and systems to be controlled. It, therefore, relies on a single service provider that is able to keep up with its future developments,” explains Brice POZZOLI, International Development Manager at A-SIS.

A global and modular solution
In order to accelerate the automation of its Saint Jean de Braye site, the luxury brand once again called on A-SIS. This time, the project involved automating the picking of complete packages and establishing “goods-to-man” stations for retail picking. To do this, A-SIS performed a migration from WMS LM7 to its warehouse and flow management solution for large companies, LMxt. On a daily basis, Maison Parfums Christian Dior’s Saint Jean de Braye site relies on this new tool to manage all of its flows, from goods inwards to order despatch, including storage and order picking. Combined with LMxt, the WCS module controls automated equipment, while the LM Label module covers printing and transport, thereby guaranteeing a continuous connection with carriers. As an extension to this global solution, LM Tracking, a web portal ensuring the traceability of deliveries of the brand’s orders, will soon be incorporated.

A multi-site core model vision
The question of a large-scale core model project was raised as part of this migration to LMxt and the automation operation. A-SIS is already involved in its client’s development with the installation of WMS Magistor at several distribution platforms in the Asia-Pacific region (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and Thailand) and in Mexico, and has also deployed the LMxt solution on behalf of its client at its regional distribution platform in Singapore, which is also equipped with a “goods-to-man” system. “Implementing a global and repeatable solution has resulted in the closer involvement of teams, facilitated the maintenance of systems and tools and, thereby, increased the efficiency of our client’s international supply chain,” says Brice POZZOLI. “It also offers us the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to support our clients in their international development. A-SIS has the teams and resources needed to successfully complete these large-scale projects. ”

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