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Adeunis RF : Energy efficiency monitoring with Fuji Electric

Thanks to its telemetry monitor and to the ADEUNIS range of products, Fuji Electric ensures the monitoring of heating, gas, electrical... system in buildings.


City’s undergrounds are formed with gigantic labyrinths of pipe. This entire network, managed by central boilers, supplies the urban buildings in hot water.

Water, a rare and precious resource, requires all our attention. In order to optimize the management of this resource, Fuji Electric and ADEUNIS, built a communicating system, which collect all the necessary information for an optimizing management. Consumption monitoring, leaks detection, improvement of the regulation, are now allowed.

As Pierre DURIEZ, IT & Solutions Manager, at Fuji Electric confirms it: “Thanks to this system, we can propose to our clients a ready to use device, easily exploitable. The ADEUNIS devices ensure perfectly its collecting and transmission functions to our telemetry monitor first and to boiler’s centers then. Data are retrieved, processed, and the network monitoring can be ensured”.


How does it work?

A fleet of ADEUNIS’s devices (pulse transmitter, ambient temperature sensor, status reports...) have taken place in all the building. All these devices transmit data to a dedicated ADEUNIS hub/concentrator, which is connected to the Fuji Electric WGATE-POD-EMS telemetry monitor.

Data, like consumption, temperature, pressure or failure alarms, are communicated to the Fuji Electric gateway, which format and storage it.

This information can also be transmitted in real time, up to the central boilers, in order to be processed and to ensure the optimization of the network supervision. A connection, allows by the ARF868 ULR modem, working with frequencies usable, without licences. 

With this system, you can also monitor and optimize others data: gas and water consumption, CMV system status...



A digital screen facilitates the use of the device:

  • Automatic discovery of the sensors
  • Free communications
  • Reception level indicator
  • Sensors can be named
  • The receiver can be deported instead of the antenna in order to avoid losses
  • Visiualisation of each battery level
  • Management of transmitters alarms
  • Data storage in CSV form



  • Up to 10 years of sensor’s autonomy
  • The system can be adaptable to all needs (data’s transmission via GSM or a dedicated website...)
  • Sending period: 10sec / 10mm or 12h
  • History statement every 12 hours


Fuji Electric:

5 activities area :

  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Industrial installations
  • Power electronics
  • Electronic components
  • Vending machines (food and beverages)

104 institutions and 21 country
Represented in more than 52 countries
25,740 employees
Founded in 1923
$ 7,384 millions in revenue


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