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CinemizerOLED chooses the Champs Elysées to celebrate its come-back!

The most beautiful avenue in the world will host on 4th September the Paris Drone Festival, the first event dedicated to civil drone in Paris! On this day, the Champs-Elysées will be a pedestrian area, as established by the Mairie de Paris on the first Sunday of each month.
On this special occasion, CinemizerOLED invites you to join us and discover the immersive experience of FPV(First Person View)  drone riding.
The CinemizerOLED come-back opens a new era in the history of drone piloting. Visit our ‘FPV Experience’ booth and get the thrills spills of unique freeride drone sessions shot from embedded cameras. 

Come and see the CinemizerOLED in action during the epic CinemizerOLED exhibition races staged by our partner ERSA: check-out the breath-taking trajectories of the top European pilots.

CinemizerOLED, immersive multimedia goggle, combines the quality of an optical system designed by Zeiss with the sharp and colorful image offered by MICROOLED displays. Whether they are used for racing, leasure or professional applications, the CinemizerOLED are recognized by a number of pilots as a reference in terms of visual experience. Leigthweight and comfortable, CinemizerOLED will also consist of a high-end personal and ultra-portable movie screen, allowing to take full advantage of one’s film and multimedia content while traveling, or as a second screen at home. Find here an introduction video of the CinemizerOLED.

The CinemizerOLED product line, originally developed by Zeiss is now redeployed by MICROOLED, historical supplier for the high-quality OLED micro-displays of the CinemizerOLED. The next chapters of the CinemizerOLED story will always be written keeping viewer’s emotion as a primary goal: making the best of optical and display technologies in the service of stunning immersive experiences.

MICROOLED makes highly power-efficient micro-displays with superior image quality for mobile near-to-eye viewing devices used by consumers, medical professionals, and the defense and security industry. Through its micro-displays, MICROOLED makes it easier to integrate high definition in camera viewfinders, 3D goggles, head-mounted displays, and other visual devices. The company's exclusive high efficiency OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology license provides significant advantages in high efficiency, contrast, uniformity, and image sharpness making its micro-displays superior in quality to the full HD image in today's flat screens. MICROOLED's products also benefit from very low power consumption. Founded in 2007, MICROOLED is a privately held company with headquarters, R&D and a new production facility located in Grenoble, a renowned center of excellence in France for chipset and nanotechnology development.

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