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DAC 2016 was a real success for Defacto

What did Defacto’s customers say at DAC in Austin?
“No need to re-write all the code …. that's the great benefit from Defacto solution”



DAC was a real success for Defacto and we would like to thank again everybody who crossed by our booth in particular the presenters of the customer testimonials



But what did customers say at DAC?

SOCIONEXT in Japan said that they are reducing area cost up 10% by adopting Defacto’s restructuring solution and also that they got 50X runtime improvement in 2 months!


A Major Communication Company said that they can now automatically split at RTL entire chips in smaller hard macros using Defacto’s STAR. With Defacto solutions they accelerated a lot their custom tool development with multi development languages support!


If you missed one of the presentations below, just let us know by clicking on the following link:

  • Generating a Layout friendly RTL/Netlist by Defacto STAR
  • A Cost-effective RTL Partitioning Methodology for Large SoC Designs
  • Accelerate SoC Design Integration with STAR
  • Benefit from STAR as a Multi-Language APIs Design Platform
  • Bring RTL Signoff to the next level with STAR



For Defacto recent announcements, please check the following EDACafé video.

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