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Discover the JANZ’s connected meter, N°1 in water management in the Iberian Peninsula

Adeunis RF and JANZ, leader in water management in the Iberian Peninsula, come to establish a collaboration for the implementation of a connected meter via the network SIGFOX.


With a motion sensor and a SIGFOX ADEUNIS RF radio transmitter’s positioned on the sight, the connected meter JANZ was built with a very high optimized technology. Including very low power electronics, the autonomy of the system is ensured for nearly 10 years. The information can be sent using two profiles: standard (every 24 hours) or extreme (every 6 hours, 4 times a day). The system settings can perfectly remote informations through the SIGFOX network recongnized in Europe. Just to update a file on the server to switch from one profile to another. The system provides information feedback on errors, leaks, or when a meter is loose, all this in a perfect direct.


Janz in brief:
Machining tools, through the spare parts for the aeronautics industry, manufacturing of water meters, manufacturing of electricity meters (now electronic), instruments for quality control, the company has always been a steady in increasing the qualification of its products.
Since 1915, date of its creation, significant events have marked its existence. In 1940 with the launch of manufacturing of water meters in 1954 and that of electrical energy meters, and in 1975 the development of export markets. Finally in 1995 JANZ obtain ISO 9001 for its quality system. The industrial unit of this management autonomy has a higher specialization in the production of water meters and the associated technological development. In a highly competitive market, the company Janz - Contagem e Gestão de Fluidos, S.A. offers innovative solutions in the area of ​​water metering technology as well as in the manufacture of precision parts. The recognized expertise of its laboratory accredited to EN ISO / IEC 17025, has opened access to metrological testing market (Legal Metrology) and water meter calibration. Its quality policy has allowed it to be recognized on the world market. This recognition translates into a significant presence in international markets such as Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, France as well as Africa and South America.

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