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ENDOCONTROL : Dr Gossot publication, VIKY use during VATS

ENDOCONTROL is pleased to announce the publication "Technical means to improve image quality during thoracoscopic procedures" from Dr. Gossot referring to VIKY.


In the publication, it is explained that a scope holder is used for three reasons:

  • (I) it allows the surgeon to avoid a shaking picture;
  • (II) the operative field remains hand-free, avoiding instruments conflicts and hands crowding over the patient’s chest;
  • (III) the assisting surgeon can concentrate on other tasks than holding the endoscope. 


"We are using the VIKY®-EP endoscope positioner that provides similar functions to old systems like AESOP® while being much lighter and easier to set up. It can be fixed onto the operating table rail. Its long and thin arm saves space around the patient’s chest and avoids clashes with instruments. The system can move the endoscope forward and backward, up and down and laterally. The combination of the movements of this scope holder and of the view angles of the LTF thoracoscope, makes it possible to reach most targets without manipulating the scope. As it is autoclavable, there is no need to protect it with a sterile sheath, thus allowing a rapid set-up." Dr Dominique Gossot


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